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#Ep51 – Goodbye God? – Sean Michael Wilson


Joining me on this week’s #GSPodcast will be comic book writer Sean Michael Wilson (@SeanMichaelWord). He’ll be telling me all about his book ‘Goodbye God? An Illustrated Exploration of Science vs Religion‘. We’ll be getting some insight into the process behind producing a comic and I’ll be asking Sean how one goes about drawing Hitch. Also: Kindle or Physical copy?

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Ep#21 – Lawrence Krauss

I’m incredibly excited and privileged to be joined by Lawrence Krauss on The #GSPodcast.  We cover a wide range of topics including The Unbelievers Movie, memories of Christopher Hitchens, Pink Shoes, getting something from nothing, William Lane Craig (boooo!) and I ask a Trekkie question.

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Guest: Dr. Lawrence Krauss (@LKrauss1)

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Relevant Links:
The Unbelievers Movie
Buy ‘A Universe From Nothing’ book on Amazon.
Watch Lawrence’s Christopher Hitchens Eulogy (YouTube)
Watch Lawrence debate William Lane Craig (YouTube)
Something From Nothing? Lawrence and Professor Dawkins discuss science (YouTube)

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Ep#20 – Gus Holwerda – The Unbelievers Movie

The Unbelievers movie has finally been released!  Joining me on The #GSPodcast is its director, and all round nice guy Gus Holwerda.  He tells me what it’s like having unrestricted access to Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss and what it takes to get a movie like this made.  Go see it!

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Guest: Gus Holwerda (@GusHolwerda) Find the movie at:http://unbelieversmovie.com/


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