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‘Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted’ Video


I thought it would be worthwhile drawing your attention to a video exposé on our favourite Islamic apologist and ‘scholar’ Reza Aslan.

For those already familiar with Aslan’s particular brand of obfuscation, you will find no new revelations here. However, it’s useful to have them all in one place and presented in a coherent form for the benefit of those who have no idea what Aslan is about. The video covers Aslan’s dubious credentials, his false claims about FGM and his attempts to pull the wool over our eyes on the issue of slavery within Islam. In the wake of any Islamist terror attack on Western soil, I notice an increase in people sharing Aslan’s TV appearances on social networks in order to bolster the harmful ‘nothing to do with Islam’ narrative. Feel free to send this video the way of those you catch doing this.


Video by the David Pakman Show

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PZ Myers Gets Caught Lying About Christopher Hitchens


I’m not even sure what you’d call PZ Myers’s sordid little grief hole over at Freethought Blogs. I just know that it’s utterly dreadful. If you can stomach his callow sneering long enough – and hate yourself sufficiently – spend 5 minutes in the comments section featuring his loyal gaggle of trolls. It will take your face off.

PZ Myers has a habit of publicly disagreeing with the more successful figures in the ‘atheist movement’, which would be fine normally. Disagreement is healthy. It’s just that when PZ ‘disagrees’, he tends to reach for the worst possible smears available to make his point. This behaviour has been going on for years, but has recently been distilled in its most toxic form thanks to his interactions with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland. I urge you read about that here.

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Tweet First, Think Never–The ‘New Journalism’. Hit Reply To Outrage


Digital media has changed the face of how we share ‘news’ , achieving a seemingly limitless reach. Now anyone can slap ‘Journalist’ or ‘Social Commentator’ in their Twitter bio and away they go. It may even earn you an invite to the telly studio as a talking head if you build a significant following.

Perhaps your special interest is the plight of the Palestinians, and that’s the drum you want to bang wherever you can. More power to you. I would have one simple piece of advice however: choose who you empower on this topic very carefully. Take this Tweet from some guy for instance:

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