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Review: Louis Theroux’s ‘My Scientology Movie’


‘My Scientology Movie’ is out in cinemas now. Below are my thoughts on the film and some coverage of the post-screening Q&A session with Louis Theroux and the Director John Dower. Spoliers will follow.

Louis Theroux is the master of documentary film making. His softly-spoken, Socratic style has yielded unique and entertaining insight from many dark and unusual worlds.

The Church of Scientology is certainly dark and unusual, as well as being notoriously aggressive in pursuing those who attempt to pull back the curtain on their organisation. This usually takes two forms; intimidation and litigation.

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Trailer Released For Louis Theroux’s Scientology Documentary


I adore Louis Theroux documentaries. If you’re yet to acquaint yourself with his work I can’t recommend it enough. His two stints with the Westboro Baptist Church may be of particular interest to you. You can find them on Netflix in the UK.

I find it frustrating when documentary film makers aren’t necessarily interested in discovering what makes their subjects tick, but rather committed to showcasing and convincing of their own biases instead.

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Ep#63 – Nathan Phelps – Ex-Westboro Baptist Church

Nathan Phelps (@N8Phelps) is this week’s guest on The #GSPodcast. Nathan grew up in the notorious Westboro Baptist Church. He’ll be telling us what it’s like to be part of the Phelps family – often dubbed ‘the most hated’ in America, and why he decided to leave and channel his efforts into secular activism. A truly eye-opening and candid discussion.

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