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Michael Nugent Debates William Lane Craig


Chairperson of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent debated Christian Theologian William Lane Craig on Tuesday. You can now see the debate it in full below by clicking on the image (YouTube):


I’ve not been able to watch it yet, but plan to do so this weekend. From what I have read of Michael’s opening statements, it seems like he came incredibly well prepared.

I was fortunate enough to speak to Michael Nugent on my podcast back in April 2016. I have a huge amount of admiration for the clarity and compassion you will consistently find in his writing and speaking.

I have long been frustrated with the way in which people engage William Lane Craig’s arguments in debate. I don’t believe he has particularly good arguments, but rather he is able to employ them in a manner that is very effective in the eyes of an uninitiated audience.

I’ve noticed Craig leans heavily on ‘gish gallop’ and cherry picks quotes out of context in service of his claims. Sean Carroll did a fantastic job of exposing the latter technique in a debate from 2014:

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Michael Nugent Tackles @Demos’ ‘Islamophobia’ Report


Last week, I reported on the flawed research into online ‘Islamophobia’ carried out by the think tank ‘Demos’. The findings of this report painted an alarming picture of hate towards Muslims on the social networking site Twitter. The Demos report was spread far and wide unquestioningly by countless media outlets including the BBC.

I highlighted an excellent response from Benjamin Jones of the National Secular Society which detailed the unhelpful nature of the term ‘Islamophobia’ and Demos’ inconsistent criteria for classifying it.

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Ep#80 – Michael Nugent

Returning to The #GSPodcast this week is chairperson of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent (@MickNugent). We talk about ‘the troubles’, abortion law, blasphemy law, online smears, PZ Myers, Educate Together, eating animals, the Irish census and more!

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Chapel Hill Shame Belongs To Reactionaries Like @TheFlowerThrowe AKA @LIFG_4_HRC


Twitter user @TheFlowerThrowe (Update April 2016 – now changed to @LIFG_4_HRC), or ‘Johnny Spooner’ is an individual often uncharitably described as a ‘CJ Werleman flea’ due to his consistent promotion of Werleman’s articles, and a propensity for attacking Werleman’s detractors. When he isn’t being abusive towards me, he attacks me by way of ‘guilt by association’ – namely the fact that ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been on my podcast.

This is a point he attempts to use against me yet again in a new blog piece he has cobbled together when he states:

‘…new atheist podcaster/blogger Stephen Knight – who also has given a platform to anti-Muslim extremists – takes up the baton, armed only with half-truths and attacks an author for dedicating his book, The New Atheist Threat to the three Chapel Hill victims.  And as these half-truths spread they become whole truths’

I note there is no attempt whatsoever to highlight what these ‘half truths’ are in my piece titled The Views And Potential Motivations Of Craig Hicks. Lazy. Also, as you can see from my comprehensive book review, mere ‘dedication’ is not what I ‘attacked’ Werleman for, but rather it was misrepresentation and exploitation.

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