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Mo Ansar accuses me of ‘Hate and Harassment’.

Image taken from BBC Documentary: 'When Tommy Met Mo'.

Image taken from BBC Documentary: ‘When Tommy Met Mo’.

Update – 04/01/2015 – Nearly four months after falsely accusing me of a ‘campaign of hate and harassment’ on Twitter, Mo has decided to delete the tweet in question (screenshot below).  He did so after I drew further attention to it in this blog post and suggested these allegations may be grounds for reporting him to Twitter’s support.  Is this deletion an admission of false allegations?  And if so, did they lead to false reports which have contributed to my twitter account being permanently suspended? Please read the full blog entry for background and the ethical dilemma this presents for Ansar on the serious topics of ‘Hate and harassment’.

I’ve made no secret of my fascination with the now declining media presence of Mo Ansar (may it rest in peace), and I’ve weighed in on the many instances of his questionable character right here on this very blog.

I also frequently challenge his authoritarian, yet nonsensical Twitter ramblings, but as anyone who follows my twitter account will know: this will never take the form of abuse, hate, threats or expletives1. I don’t think I deserve any credit for behaving like a decent human being, but I’d like you to keep it in mind given the seriousness of the below accusations levelled at me by Ansar.

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  1. I used to have some fun playing a harmless game I named ‘#GSGametime’ with my followers. The game involved encouraging followers to ask someone a nonsensical (yet polite) question and wait to see what their responses would be. For example, we once asked Deepak Chopra the question: ‘Why are you leaving?’ Which lead to this response. We also asked Joel Osteen whether they ‘were still auctioning their shoes‘. We also once asked Mo Ansar: ‘Why do you think Cats are Haram?’ This practical joking was for the purpose of inspiring confused and therefore amusing responses. Unfortunately, Ansar didn’t bite. Yes, this game is callow and I’ve not played it since Nov 2013; but it’s certainly not harassment or hate

Ep#24 – Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray dropped in on The #GSPodcast this week.  He was at his usual erudite & amusing best.  We covered a wide range of topics including The Trojan Horse Plot, British Jihadists,  Hamas/Israel, the veil, Julian Assange and he shares a wonderful Christopher Hitchens anecdote.  We also waste a moment or two reflecting on the demise of Mo Ansar.  Be sure to read his hilarious e-book ‘Islamophilia‘ & his Spectator Blog.

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Guest: Douglas Murray (@DouglasKMurray)

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Who Does Mo Ansar Think He Is?

No Ansar

Update 15/05/14: It seems time has truly been called on Mo Ansar’s ‘career’.  Numerous sources have now compiled articles exposing his deception.  Please see the appendix at the bottom of this post for a collection & the #MoCV Hashtag I created.

“Picture all experts as if they were mammals” – Christopher Hitchens

I’ve always liked these words of wisdom from Hitch, but I’ve found them particularly resonant over the last few years.  Social media has, for better or worse, afforded everyone a soap box of sorts.  A digital arena where ideas can be propagated or challenged.  It’s also equipped us common-folk with a direct line of access to so-called ‘Public Figures’.

Don’t like their opinions?  Well, now we can let them know without so much as a postage stamp.
The ‘Public figures’ I’m referring to in this instance are those frequently wheeled out onto our telly screens for topical news segments.  They confidently share their ‘valuable’ insight into “escalating tensions…” concerning some such thing or other, or press the “importance of tolerance…” etc etc. Sometimes they inform us with authority that  “Men are raised to hate women”. You know the sort.

They know what they are talking about.  Of course they do.  They’re on our telly screen after all.
This brings me to my fascination with Mo Ansar.  And it is truly a fascination.  The mystery surrounding the existence of his UK media profile brings me such joyous puzzlement I want to embrace and squeeze him.
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