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Wegmans Bakery Apologises For Refusing ‘ex-Muslim Cake’


I love the fearless work Ex-Muslims of North America are doing to promote human rights and provide support for minorities within minorities. I’ve especially enjoyed the pleasure of speaking to members of their executive board Sarah Haider and Muhammad Syed.

As reported over at exmna.org:

Wegmans, a chain of 89 grocery stores, refused to bake and decorate a cake for a private celebration for those who have left the faith of Islam.

The request included a picture of the Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) name and logo, with a caption of “Congratulations on 3 years!”, but was refused by an associate from the Fairfax branch of the popular chain, stating that the request was “offensive”.

Below is the EXMNA logo:


As you can see, there’s nothing there which would usually set of the offense brigade such as depictions of Muhammad, or slogans critical of the religion for instance. Exception appears to have been taken to the mere mention of ‘Ex-Muslim’.

“I’m shocked by the denial,” said Muhammad Syed, the president of EXMNA. “There is nothing about our name or logo that can be considered offensive to any reasonable individual. There are some, however, who take our very existence as an affront to their faith, and to them I have only this to say: We have every right to exist and be proud of who we are, and we won’t back down.”

After this story hit the internet, many an outraged humanist vented their dissatisfaction in the direction of Wegmans’ Twitter page which resulted in an apology.

I look forward to seeing the finished cake from the bakery. Provided free of charge of course.

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