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Ep#83 – Catherine Dunphy – The Clergy Project

Catherine Dunphy (@CADunphy) will be telling me all about The Clergy Project on this week’€™s #GSPodcast. Catherine shares her personal story and the story behind the creation of The Clergy Project in her book ‘€˜From Apostle To Apostate’€™. We talk about the Catholic Church, theology, Pope Francis and much more!

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The Pope Thanks Kim Davis For Her ‘Courage’


I’ve never quite understood why many of my fellow secularists fawn over Pope Francis. There seems to be an unexplainable consensus that this Pope is some sort of uber-liberal who’ll spearhead an era of progressiveness within the Catholic Church.

He is no such thing. His public rhetoric may be more palatable, but the edicts and dogma remain the same. This is simply a new era of savvy public relations, rather than anything of actual substance.

This is evidenced in the Pope’s reported sit-down time with Kim Davis recently.

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