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CJ Werleman Jokes About His Indonesian ‘Servants’, Tries To Smear Dawkins For Colonialism


The smear factory that is the regressive left are almost painfully easy to expose for hypocrisy. There is something about their willingness to spout lies at such a rapid pace that invariably indicates some related skeletons in their own closet.

This brings me to CJ Werleman rather predictably. This time, he’s been trying to smear Richard Dawkins as some sort of racist Colonialist by highlighting this from Dawkins’s latest autobiography:

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Ep#65 – Francesca Stavrakopoulou


Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou (@ProfFrancesca) is this week’s excellent #GSPodcast guest. We talk the historicity of Jesus, Sunday morning television barneys, Richard Dawkins, Feminism, faith schools, the destruction of ancient temples in Palmyra, the Qur’an pages found in Birmingham and why she loves corpses! Also, Star Wars or Star Trek?

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Ep#52 – Secularist Of The Year – Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo takes this year’s Secularist Of The Year Award. I was at the event in London to bring you some exclusive content. We’ll hear President of The National Secular Society (@NatSecSoc), Terry Sanderson, tell us why there can be only one winner this year.  We’ll be hearing Cartoonist Martin Rowson’s speech as he accepts the award on Charlie Hebdo’s behalf. #JeSuisCharlie

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Ep#38 – Atheist Opera – Kevin Malone

We go all operatic this week on The #GSPodcast, with my wonderful guest, Kevin Malone (@OpusMalone).  Kevin is behind the superb ‘Atheist Opera’ entitled ‘Mysterious 44‘.  We’ll be hearing a number of his compositions throughout our conversation as we talk about his upbringing, visiting Richard Dawkins at his Oxford home, his musical tribute to 9/11 and religious hymns.  Make sure you say hello to him on Twitter @OpusMalone.

Note from Divine Art Ltd regarding the use of ‘Angels and Fireflies’: Our participation is as publisher of the recorded track and any opinions expressed in the podcast are not necessarily those of Divine Art Ltd or its  employees and officers.

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CJ Werleman: Misrepresentation, Dubious Ethics and Unoriginal Hackery.


I own a couple of Werleman’s books: ‘God Hates You, Hate Him Back’ & ‘Jesus Lied – He Was Only Human‘. I’d never heard of him beforehand, but I was happy to receive them as Christmas gifts a few years back – my Dad’s cool like that.

They’re ok – they don’t cover any new ground, the humour is a bit too school yard for my taste and reading them created the impression of an author who’d spied an opening in a growing a market – but it doesn’t really matter. I decided they were essentially good, as they were accessible (that’s a polite way of saying ‘dumbed down’).

The so-called ‘Four Horsemen/New Atheists’ are often accused of being elitist, as if that’s somehow an invective. Whilst not really sharing this concern, I think I understand one aspect of it. We have a group of incredibly intelligent, likely privileged (white – must mention white!) and qualified individuals who write on topics in such a manner that may require a life-time worth of research and expertise to fully get to grips with. Not everyone feels this way of course, but it’s not necessarily entry-level stuff for some either. I count myself amongst those that have their own intelligence challenged (and often pummelled) by the ideas these people so effortlessly hold court on. So I also consider any contribution to a body of literature that’s critical of religion to be a good thing, especially if it reaches a broader audience.

Needless to say we won’t be seeing Werleman follow up with ‘Allah Hates You, Hate Him Back’ or ‘Muhammad Lied – He Was Only A Charlatan’ any time soon, as he’s currently preoccupied with the deeply courageous task of mocking Republicans, ‘New Atheists’, and bravely highlighting the dangers posed by talk show hosts & neuroscientists (see the article ‘What atheists like Bill Maher have in common with medieval Christian crusaders). Islamic terrorism can wait – or rather, is explained away as a product of politics, not a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam – as though the two are mutually exclusive. Drop in a pinch of white guilt, a dash of masochism and you’ve already heard this elsewhere, many times before, many years ago.

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Ep#21 – Lawrence Krauss

I’m incredibly excited and privileged to be joined by Lawrence Krauss on The #GSPodcast.  We cover a wide range of topics including The Unbelievers Movie, memories of Christopher Hitchens, Pink Shoes, getting something from nothing, William Lane Craig (boooo!) and I ask a Trekkie question.

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Guest: Dr. Lawrence Krauss (@LKrauss1)

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