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The Independent Falsely Claims ‘Islamophobic’ Attack

independent1‘Islamophobic’ hate crime is up by 70% in England’s capital, we’re informed by the BBC today ahead of their scheduled documentary ‘Inside Out: Behind The Veil‘. A concerning headline indeed. These new stats come via the Metropolitan Police. I soon apply the brakes to my outrage however when I notice Tell MAMA’s involvement in the BBC reporting, reminding me of some previous problems with stats of this nature.

Tell MAMA is an organisation that records instances of anti-Muslim hate in the UK. A worthy project on paper, yet they were found to be exaggerating anti-Muslim attacks last year. Fudging the data if you will.

After Drummer Rigby was murdered on the streets of London by Muslim fanatics, Tell MAMA’s founder Fiyaz Mughal took to the airwaves to claim a dramatic rise in ‘Islamophobic’ incidents, stating “The scale of the backlash is astounding,” and “I do not see an end to this cycle of violence”.

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