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Shams Bandar: Why Do We Pin All Our Problems on the West?


I’d never heard of Saudi-born singer Shams Bandar before, but after watching the brief clip of her in discussion below, I’d be pleased to hear from her again.


“Why do we pin all our problems on the West? For 1,400 years we have been slaughtering one another, just because one of us prays one way and another prays a different way.”

Of course, The West deserves its share of criticism for meddling in foreign affairs, but as Bandar points out, this excuse simply will not fly as the sole explanation for every atrocity and human rights violation in Muslim countries.

It should be clear to anyone by now why theocracy and man-made ideology strives to subjugate women and deny them a voice. Religious zealots are afraid of smart, vocal women like Bandar. And they should be.

h\t to Ali A Rizvi

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