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‘Come Home (Cardinal Pell)’ by Tim Minchin


I love Tim Minchin. I doubt I could ever get tired of the beautiful way he infuses comedy, scepticism and music. His sceptical beat poem ‘Storm’ is one of the closest things to perfection I think I’ve ever heard.

Tim’s latest ditty sets its sights firmly on Cardinal Pell. As you can read, Pell is due his day in Australia to answer questions over child sex abuse allegations, but is refusing to travel due to health reasons. See Minchin’s call for him to ‘face the music’ below. Money raised from the sale of this song will go to the survivors of sexual abuse:

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Ep#48 – A Year Without God Film

I had a great time talking with directors Ryan Moore and Tim Banks about their upcoming documentary film ‘A Year Without God‘ (@YWG_film).  They followed ex-Pastor Ryan Bell around for a year as he set out to discover ‘What difference does god make?’ They share some exclusive insight into the film and tell us about their own paths to free thought.

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Ep#27 – Ali A. Rizvi

The excellent Ali A. Rizvi (@aliamjadrizvi) drops in on The #GSPodcast.  We discuss his diverse upbringing, ‘Islamophobia’ and his fantastic recent article on the Gaza conflict.  We’ll also be hearing about his upcoming book ‘The Atheist Muslim’.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be debuting the ridiculously good GSPodcast theme tune by the incredible Dorian Silk and the Midnight City Hoods.

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