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EDP Sciences Releases A Statement On Publishing 9/11 Conspiracies @EDPSciences



I recently wrote in utter disgust that Europhysics News magazine would publish ‘controlled demolition’ 9/11 conspiracy theories to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks. These unfounded claims are not uncommon of course, but you’d expect them to be beneath a reputable ‘scientific’ publication produced by EDP Sciences.

In an attempt to hold someone accountable for creating a semblance of credibility for debunked conspiracy theories, I reached out to EDP Sciences:

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Ep#31 – Michael Shermer – Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories


Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine (Skeptic.com) joins me on The #GSPodcast to cast a sceptical eye on popular 9/11 Conspiracy theories. Controlled Demolition? Building 7? Inside Job? THE JEWS! And more! He’ll also explain some of the psychology involved in the formation/acceptance of conspiracy theories. I ask him about The X-Files too. Obviously.


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