Taking The Myth – 12 Jan Edition – Cologne

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and A Scotsman Abroad discuss the big topics with guest callers. We talk about: The reported instances of sexual assault on New Years Eve in Cologne, PZ Myers gets caught lying about Christopher Hitchens, free speech on campus, feminist hypocrisy, the ‘atheist movement’, Richard Seymour’s laughable approach to ‘research’ and we conduct the first ASLAN Awards of 2016.

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  • Just because it’s in The Telegraph doesn’t mean it’s not true – Orwell.

  • Re the bogus Hitchens quote, quite apart from any other considerations, Hitchens would never have used the lazy cliche ‘wipe off the face of the Earth’.

  • …or ‘I wouldn’t shed a tear’.

  • I don’t think the Cologne saga, or similar events in Stockholm (or Rochdale, Rotherham etc.) should be considered as religiously inspired.

    It can’t be helped by a lack of gender equality in so-called Muslim countries, and that may be Islamically inspired, but I’ve never seen a sermon or scripture on foreigner fondling.

  • Replace “countries” with “cultures” if you like. We have gender segregation in Mosques and other Islamic establishments in the UK, but still no “deviant doctrine” as such.

    So the link to Islam is indirect at best, same in Cologne.

    • Of course it’s not indirect. Women are considered subservient/less than men in Islam & more or less property. Not to mention the male entitlement/honour that runs through the doctrine. There’s a direct link between scripture and attitudes towards women here.

      Also, if these men in Rotherham and Rochdale are British, what ‘culture’ could you possibly be referring to if not ‘Islamic’?

  • Thats indirect as far as I’m concerned.

    You will find Islamic scripture/leadership saying its OK to rape/beat your wife, or to rape/sell sex slaves, or to dicriminate based on gender for inheritance. You won’t find any such thing for fondling random strangers.

  • According to Sunny Hundal twitter site 24 January 2016 The Muslimstern Facebook page called on German authorities to ban alcohol which “leads to traffic accidents violence and rapes” (translation from German) claiming that Cologne women brought the attacks on themselves by throwing themselves like naked antelopes in front of a lion (assuming they had been drinking and this rendered them into “naked antelopes” – translation from German)
    Also my point :
    Recently tho German police say of the 58 people actually charged for theft or sexual crimes in Cologne (out of about 1000 in total offences reported) only about 18 were refugees from Syria (rest from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) and only a few of these were “sexual assault”

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