Sneaking in a question at the end of BBC’s The Big Questions – 03 May 2015 (YouTube)

Featured Guest On BBC’s The Big Questions – 14 May 2017 (BBC)

Mythinformed: Mythcon, Free Speech and Atheism w/ Stephen Knight aka Godless Spellchecker – 21 June 2018 (YouTube)


Speaking To East Coast Radio about ‘The Real Housewives Of ISIS’ – 10 Jan 2016


‘Godless Spellchecker: Atheist tweeter suspended for ‘abuse’ has account restored’ – The Independent

‘Atheism, Islam, and Christian Fundamentalism: An Interview With ‘Godless Spellchecker’ – The Daily Banter

‘I Asked Atheists How They Find Meaning In A Purposeless Universe’ – Buzzfeed


The Herd Mentality, Episode 7 with Ricky Gervais, Mr Oz Atheist & host Adam Reakes

The Herd Mentality, Episode 22 with Secular Bloke, Mr Oz Atheist & host Adam Reakes


QED Con 2015: Guest speaker on panel ‘How To Silence Those That Disagree With You’.

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