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Click To Support This Podcast

This show is free to listen. If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting it to subsidise hosting, equipment, phone credit and software costs as well as the incredibly time-consuming process of production. Here are the ways in which you can support and promote the show:

  1. You can contribute to the hosting/production costs by becoming a patron of the show on I may even send you a thank you card!
  2. You can make a one off, or recurring payment via PayPal.
  3. As a listener of the podcast, you can claim a free trial membership and audio book through Audible here.
  4. You can subscribe to (free), rate & review the show in iTunes. This helps the show climb up the charts. This will not only increase the audience, but give the show the clout to attract prominent figures as guests in the future.
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Your support means a lot to me.  Thank you.


  • Stephen, absolutely LOVE your podcasts! I’m American, and live in Japan. I want to make a modest donation (with my PayPal account) but couldn’t because only pounds accepted. I’d like to make my donation in yen or US dollars. Please tell me how. Sending you all best wishes! Karen

  • Just listened to the Ricky Gervais podcast. Sorry to hear of your disk issues. I’ve had 3 back surgeries myself. What has helped me most, and WILL help you if you let it, is to learn and apply what Kelly Starrett has to offer. It’s a beautiful thing. After a time I highly recommend you add in Crossfit. Not balls to the wall stuff, just do what you can do. Gradually you will get loads better. I realize I’m a whisper in the wind, but I feel compelled to yell out my whisper in your direction in hopes you will catch it among the cacophony. Ken. Norman, Oklahoma.

  • You are a brave man and what you are doing is so very important. Thank you.

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