Ep#177 – Calvin Robinson

This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) welcomes social commentator and political advisor Calvin Robinson (@CalvinRobinson).

0:00 Intro
5:09 Start Of interview
6:19 About Calvin Robinson
7:06 Education and Christianity
7:56 Do we need Christianity for morality?
13:33 Identity politics and being called on to discuss race
16:10 What does it mean to you to be ‘right-wing’?
19:57 Should we worry about a new ‘entitled’ generation of children?
21:49 Should we defund the BBC? And the Martin Bashir scandal
27:43 The relevance and value of a Monarchy in 2021
30:33 Religious teaching in schools
34:20 Anti-Semitism on UK streets and the failure of liberalism.
36:49 The left-wing interest in the Israel/Palestine conflict.
39:43 Black Lives Matter and George Floyd as a martyr.
43:37 Treating ‘Black’ as a political ideology and being labelled a ‘race-traitor’.
45:21 Is modern ‘anti-racism’ hurting progress on race-relations?
50:54 Is social media a mistake?
57:19 Are we afraid to speak our mind now?

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  • Robin Gangopadhya

    Given what we know now the criminality of the Catholics in Canada, latest by one more established organization, out of every other of its ilk( you name ‘em from across this planet), please explain why this Org must not be declared to be a Terrorist org ? In fact why must not every other similar established org across the Oceans and rivers on this Planet? Their time was, mayhem meted out in every corner on every people, and now time has come to be bold and declare each to be what truly they are: terrorizing terrorist organizations.
    Pl explain why not!

  • As the late Christopher Hitchens said: “I have met some highly intelligent believers, but history has no record to say that [s]he knew or understood the mind of god. Yet this is precisely the qualification which the godly must claim—so modestly and so humbly—to possess. It is time to withdraw our ‘respect’ from such fantastic claims, all of them aimed at the exertion of power over other humans in the real and material world.”

    As much as I want to listen to and maybe even agree with some of Robinson’s views how he arrives at them is at least as important as those views. He speaks of his Christian values and the origins of morality with such certainty and conviction that I find it hard to believe that given the power the Church once had that he wouldn’t have fallen into the same horrific behavior they all have shown to be capable of.

    I’m glad that you take the time to speak with those who have such views and can find common ground but since he’s nothing but a talking head for the Religious Right I cannot take him seriously on important issues. That said I would work with him on solving the underlying issues we agree on but I suspect his solutions would be unacceptable.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

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