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Does Lily Allen Have Anything Else To Say About The Grenfell Tower Fire Now?

Back in June a devastating fire gripped the 24-storey Grenfell residential tower in London. The horrifying images of the inferno and subsequent damage occupied our news cycle.

In the months that followed, the authorities would embark on the grim and incredibly challenging task of identifying the burnt remains of those who tragically perished. This task was further compounded by fraudulent claims of missing loved ones and the PTSD experienced by those who were first responders.

Today, after a 5 month long forensic investigation, it has been reported that all remains have now been identified and the final death toll stands at 71.

Back in June, as this unthinkable situation was still unfolding, I couldn’t help but notice how deeply irresponsible some of the conversation surrounding it was.

Indeed, depending where you looked for information, you may have been forgiven for assuming Theresa May lit the fire herself, such was the Tory disdain for the working class.

This brings me to UK pop star Lily Allen. As self-appointed champion of the people, Allen took to television and Twitter to make declarations such as: “…I am hearing from people [that] the figure is much closer to 150 – and that many of those people are children.” 

She also retweeted sentiments such as “Death toll of #grenfelltower being suppressed by UK MSM” and “when i was down there they said well into triple figures so is probably even more than 150.good on you for telling some truth”
Now that the official figures are in, does Lily have anything further to add? A “sorry”, perhaps? 

71 is 71 too many of course. A devastating tragedy of which no final number will be of comfort to the bereaved. 

Misinformation and unsubstantiated claims whilst this was all still unfolding however, made an appalling situation even worse for those involved. 

I would suggest, that during a time of great public grief and anger, going on television & conjuring a conspiracy/death toll from thin air with an emphasis on dead children is a tad irresponsible.

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Ep#104 – David Smalley

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) talks to David Smalley (@DavidCSmalley) of Dogma Debate ( Topics covered include: Mythcon, Sargon of Akkad, sexual abuse, online smears, ‘Nazi hysteria’, Antifa, Trump, Humanism, ‘the atheist community’ and much, much more.

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Ep#103 – Andrew Copson – Secularism: Politics, Religion and Freedom

This week on The #GSPodcast, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) talks to Chief Executive of Humanists UK, Andrew Copson (@AndrewCopson).

They talk about Andrew’s new book: ‘Secularism: Politics, Religion and Freedom’ as well as the Holyoake lecture, the roots of secularism, secularism in the USA, Laïcité, tough arguments against secularism and Star Trek Discovery (SPOILER ALERT).

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#MythCon Disagreement And Thomas Smith’s Online Abuse


I truly believe Mythcon IV has been a huge embarrassment this year—not for its organisers and attendees mind you, but for its screeching critics. Many an authoritarian ideologue has been exposed by a mere desire to fill a room with people and have a few conversations. Attendance optional.

This small conference in Milwaukee had gone off without a hitch in previous years, but their decision to invite some popular YouTube personalities this year culminated in a sustained campaign of harassment and threats against the organisers.

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Noel Gallagher Names The Problem and Larry David Gets A Fatwa


Ex-Oasis singer Noel Gallagher made some unusual public comments about terror and the establishment recently. Unusual only in the sense that they were true, which is a rarity when those with celebrity status talk about the disagreement we currently find ourselves in with jihadism.

Noel comes from my home city of Manchester, the same Manchester where 22 concert goers, mostly young girls, were murdered by a suicide bomber on May 22 of this year.

Musicians from around the world came together to play tribute gigs and offer much appreciated solidarity and support to the city after this unthinkable crime. As to be expected though, none of them would name what it was we actually required solidarity in the face of.

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Ep#102 – Mythcon IV Controversy Debrief

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) talks to Sean and Brian from Mythicist Milwaukee ( We debrief Mythcon IV which generated a fair amount of controversy. We talk about principles, guest selection, the harassment campaign to shut them down and much, much more.

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