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REVIEW: The World Cup On @BBCSport VR


As some of my podcast listeners will know, I have recently become fascinated with the potential of Virtual Reality. I’m completely convinced that VR isn’t simply another entertainment gimmick destined for a dusty cupboard next to your Wii Fit, but will eventually revolutionise the way we consume entertainment, train, do business and interact with one another.

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Where Is Ryan Bell’s Crowd-Funded Documentary?


Back in 2013 a Christian pastor named Ryan Bell generated a lot of publicity and support from within atheist circles after publicly coming to the realisation that dedicating your time to god wasn’t the smartest life choice for an adult. Before this revelation, Ryan’s admirable support for women and gays did not go down well with his Adventist church, and he was given the boot as a result.

In response, he started a blog titled ‘A Year Without God’ which would detail his journey from pastor to atheist. This saw him welcomed with open arms into atheist and sceptical circles—his new ‘apostate’ status earning him a plethora of high-profile speaking engagements at atheist/sceptic conferences and endless media appearances on related platforms. Read more

Ep#120 – Chris Matheson – The Trouble With God

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight speaks to author and screenwriter Chris Matheson. Chris is the author of the hilarious ‘The Story Of God’ and will be talking about his follow-up ‘The Trouble With God: A Divine Comedy about Judgment (and Misjudgment)’. This time he takes on The Qur’an, Mormonism and Scientology too.
Chris is also the co-screenwriter on the Bill & Ted movies and will be sharing some exclusive details about the upcoming sequel.

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Ep#119 – Yasmine Mohammed – From Al Qaeda to Atheism

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight speaks to ex-Muslim activist Yasmine Mohmmed (@ConfessionsExMu). Yasmine talks about marrying a member of Al-Qaeda and her escape from that situation and subsequently, Islam. Other topics covered include Islamic reform, tribalism in the Ex-Muslim movement, feminism and her exciting new project ‘Free Hearts, Free Minds’ (

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Ep#118 – Andrew Doyle – Political Comedy

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight speaks to Writer and Comedian Andrew Doyle (@AndrewDoyle_com). Andrew is also the co-writer of the satirical character Jonathan Pie. We talk about comedy, Michelle Wolfe, Brexit, feminism, ‘white privilege’ as an argument, Count Dankula, Graham Linehan, meme culture and much, much more!

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Show Notes

Jonathan Pie – President Trump: How & Why… (

Jonathan Pie ? It’s a JOKE! (Dankula verdict) (

Comedy Unleashed (

Andrew Doyle In Spiked-The Day For Freedom Was Not a Far-Right Rally (

Please make a Muslim hero character, J. J. Abrams. We need it. (

Matt Dillahunty Takes On Jordan Peterson’s Unsophisticated Arguments on God and Atheism

I have mixed views on Jordan Peterson. He’s clearly an intelligent individual and for better or worse he has captured the hearts and minds of huge numbers of people.I find some of his output valuable, and some of it has me scratching my head. This is ok though. I’ve realised that if you expect individuals to be on-point on absolutely everything, then you are going to have a bad time.

One of those itchy-scalp topics for Peterson happens to be religion and god. I’ve been waiting for someone to shine some daylight on this blind spot and I’m very pleased to see Matt Dillahunty appears to be just the man. You can watch a conversation between the two men here:

Despite the points of disagreement between them, both men conducted themselves respectfully and engaged in a constructive manner for which they should be praised.

In other spheres, Peterson is known for railing against the infuriating postmodernist way of using language in such a way that is so elastic as to be utterly meaningless.

However, it’s clear to me that this is the precise way in which Peterson operates where the question of god is concerned. For instance, at one point Dillahunty makes the claim that decapitation would be bad for human ‘well-being’. Astonishingly, Peterson attempts to argue against that proposition, playing a game of “it depends on how you define well-being”.

Peterson also espouses deeply unsophisticated attitudes towards atheists. On the one hand he claims to respect them, but then denies their entire existence by saying they are not godless, they “just think they are”.

In another conversation, when Peterson was asked to confirm whether god was “fact or fantasy”, Peterson answered with “Why can’t it be both?”.

This is garden variety ‘hide the ball’ apologetics and is not indicative of a critical thinker, or at least a consistent one.

I’m pleased to say none of this got by Matt Dillahunty. Matt is far too experienced to be bamboozled by Peterson’s verbose obfuscation.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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