Taking The Myth – 29 Feb 2016 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and A Scotsman Abroad discuss the big topics. We talk about: Episode 77 of The #GSPodcast, The Catholic Church refusing to make reporting abusers mandatory, Sam Harris Vs. Maryam Namazie on The Waking Up Podcast and Salman Rushdie’s fatwa. Also, Nathan Lean is definitely a coward, but is he a Muslim? And of course, The ASLAN Awards and more!

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  • I have to agree with Stephen about the pertinence of Nathan Lean’s personal beliefs. I’ve seen a few lectures with Bill Warner talking about political Islam and they seem to be scientifically grounded. The problem is that Warner is a religious Christian.

    Why does this matter? The same reason the impartiality of a witness matters in court: it’s difficult to take seriously the opinion of someone who has a conflict of interest. We don’t know what kinds of biases have been injected into what they are saying, often with a degree of subtlety. If Lean has a conflict of interest in this situation, the credibility of his works is destroyed.

  • Maryam & Sam = Divergent conversations on the same subject from different starting points.

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