Jalal Uddin: Rochdale Imam Murder Update


Back in February I reported on the brutal murder of Rochdale Imam Jalal Uddin in broad daylight. As usual, those pretending to care about Muslims raged far and wide about ‘Islamophobia’ and anti-Muslim violence.

The suspects were later named as Mohammed Hussain Syeedy and Mohammed Abdul Kadir. As you can imagine, it all went a bit quiet from there. This is a pattern that also followed the murders of Asad Shah and Abdul Hadi Arwani – also killed at the hands of their fellow religionists. It seems an appetite to address the hate directed at Muslims only exists when it comes from outside their own communities.

Details surrounding the murder of Jalal Uddin have been scarce until today and they are stranger than you might imagine. According to a report from the BBC:

The prosecution claims the Bangladeshi national [Uddin] was targeted after he left a mosque where he usually prayed, ate a meal at a friend’s house and then walked home.

Mr Syeedy and Mr Kadir were said to have taken offence after discovering he practised Ruqya healing, which involves the use of amulets.

It is alleged the pair mounted surveillance of Mr Uddin, who was described as “quiet, dignified and well-respected”, before he was killed in an attack, thought to have involved a hammer.

Opening the trial, prosecutor Paul Greaney QC said: “Who hated a decent man like Jalal Uddin with such virulence?

“The answer to that important question is to be found in the twisted ideology of Isis, sometimes known as Islamic State.

“Jalal Uddin was a practitioner of a form of Islamic healing called Ruqya.

“Isis regards this practice as black magic and adheres to the view that those who engage in it deserve severe punishment, even death.

“Mohammed Hussain Syeedy, the defendant, and an associate of his named Mohammed Abdul Kadir, were supporters of Isis and so they subscribed to the view that those who practised Ruqya deserved such punishment.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this exclusively supernatural concern will be explained away by the ‘nothing to do with Islam’ crowd.

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  • Wasn’t this the incident that “Johnny Spooner”, or one of Werleman’s fleas, immediately blamed on “new atheists” or similar? These “tragedy vultures” are always waiting to pounce on the latest shooting or bombing to further their narrative.

  • It won’t be ‘explained away’ it will be ignored, buried & filed under ‘never happened’ by the MSM. Just like the clearly Islamic fueled ‘lone wolf’ attacks all over the world which have now morphed into cases of ‘mental illness’ or just plain old-fashioned murder. It’s almost as if the Authorities throughout the Western world have collaborated to develop a ‘party line’ (at G20 meetings?) so that we, the simple public, don’t latch onto the fact that there is a single common denominator behind all these attacks. Some innocent victims are clearly worth the sacrifice just as long as we don’t experience mass civil unrest.

  • The single common denominator is the criterion chosen for selection.

  • There’s a constant flow of reports about a rise in “islamophobia”. But no one has been killed or seriously assaulted as a result of this islamophobia (please correct me if I’m wrong. On the other hand we have 3 muslim on muslim killings, and, according to the Daily Mail (needs to be verified), 12 instances of honour killing in the muslim community. In one of these killings “Strict Kurdish Muslim Abdalla Yones cut the throat of his 16-year-old daughter Heshu because he believed she had become too westernised” (see story below). So let’s get it right – the problem is islamophobia.


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