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Does Lily Allen Have Anything Else To Say About The Grenfell Tower Fire Now?

Back in June a devastating fire gripped the 24-storey Grenfell residential tower in London. The horrifying images of the inferno and subsequent damage occupied our news cycle.

In the months that followed, the authorities would embark on the grim and incredibly challenging task of identifying the burnt remains of those who tragically perished. This task was further compounded by fraudulent claims of missing loved ones and the PTSD experienced by those who were first responders.

Today, after a 5 month long forensic investigation, it has been reported that all remains have now been identified and the final death toll stands at 71.

Back in June, as this unthinkable situation was still unfolding, I couldn’t help but notice how deeply irresponsible some of the conversation surrounding it was.

Indeed, depending where you looked for information, you may have been forgiven for assuming Theresa May lit the fire herself, such was the Tory disdain for the working class.

This brings me to UK pop star Lily Allen. As self-appointed champion of the people, Allen took to television and Twitter to make declarations such as: “…I am hearing from people [that] the figure is much closer to 150 – and that many of those people are children.” 

She also retweeted sentiments such as “Death toll of #grenfelltower being suppressed by UK MSM” and “when i was down there they said well into triple figures so is probably even more than 150.good on you for telling some truth”
Now that the official figures are in, does Lily have anything further to add? A “sorry”, perhaps? 

71 is 71 too many of course. A devastating tragedy of which no final number will be of comfort to the bereaved. 

Misinformation and unsubstantiated claims whilst this was all still unfolding however, made an appalling situation even worse for those involved. 

I would suggest, that during a time of great public grief and anger, going on television & conjuring a conspiracy/death toll from thin air with an emphasis on dead children is a tad irresponsible.

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Off To London For ‘A Celebration of Science & Reason’


The Conservative Party conference rolls into my home city of Manchester this weekend. The Tory government (as usual) is failing to energise the younger voter in a way that Corbyn’s populist approach is not. The news is saturated with the doom and gloom of Brexit negotiations and it’s expected that a sizeable number of protesters will be making their presence known in Manchester today.

‘Hang The Tories’ effigies have already been reported in the city. The police presence is high, including road blocks and rooftop snipers.

This seemed like the perfect excuse to be anywhere else.

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Joe Walsh Says Charlie Hebdo Are ‘Cowards’ For NOT Mocking Muslims


Joe Walsh is an American conservative radio host and former congressman. He may now also be responsible for the most ignorant and misjudged tweet ever sent. Those who have spent enough time on Twitter will understand the magnitude of this achievement.


The tweet reads: ‘French rag Charlie Hebdo mocks Harvey victims as Neo Nazis Charlie Hebdo makes fun of everyone but Muslims. Cowards’

Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing, satirical newspaper produced in France. Of course, the only reason most outside of France have even heard of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ is because two Islamist gunmen forced their way into their Paris headquarters in 2015. Twelve members of Charlie Hebdo’s staff were slaughtered at the hands of these Muslim fanatics for the ‘crime’ of drawing Islam’s prophet in their magazine. The headquarters had previously been firebombed in 2011 for the same reason.

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Can Anyone Tell Me What Mo Shafiq’s ‘Ramadhan foundation’ Does?


The emergence of 24 hour news has produced an insatiable need for talking heads and social commentators. Producers under pressure to deliver a package on the big topic of the day thank their lucky stars for the availability of an expert or representative. It’s become clear over the years that some are more available than others however.

When choosing someone to speak on behalf of a community, it’s especially important that you do so carefully and carry out the due diligence on their CV.

Many in the UK may be familiar with the mug of Mo Ansar for instance. At one time he was the most prominent Muslim face in Britain’s media. Unfortunately for Mo, his celebrity unravelled when a few inconvenient observations about his credentials and proclamations finally caught up with him.

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ALDI Supermarket Questioned Over ‘No Alcohol’ Till Sign


The changes in UK religious demographics have brought about a new set of challenges for retailers in recent years.

Stories of Muslim employees refusing to sell alcohol and pork products whilst working for non-religious supermarkets are not uncommon. Back in 2016 I also reported on taxi drivers refusing to take passengers with guide dogs for ‘religious reasons’. This ended in perpetrators being fined for breaching equality laws.

It’s no shock to hear of people making unreasonable requests due to their faith, it’s just surprising to me when their employers say “yes”.

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