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Ep#177 – Calvin Robinson

This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) welcomes social commentator and political advisor Calvin Robinson (@CalvinRobinson).

0:00 Intro
5:09 Start Of interview
6:19 About Calvin Robinson
7:06 Education and Christianity
7:56 Do we need Christianity for morality?
13:33 Identity politics and being called on to discuss race
16:10 What does it mean to you to be ‘right-wing’?
19:57 Should we worry about a new ‘entitled’ generation of children?
21:49 Should we defund the BBC? And the Martin Bashir scandal
27:43 The relevance and value of a Monarchy in 2021
30:33 Religious teaching in schools
34:20 Anti-Semitism on UK streets and the failure of liberalism.
36:49 The left-wing interest in the Israel/Palestine conflict.
39:43 Black Lives Matter and George Floyd as a martyr.
43:37 Treating ‘Black’ as a political ideology and being labelled a ‘race-traitor’.
45:21 Is modern ‘anti-racism’ hurting progress on race-relations?
50:54 Is social media a mistake?
57:19 Are we afraid to speak our mind now?

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Taking The Myth – May 2021 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) and Iram Ramzan of (@Iram_Ramzan) discuss the big topics.

0:00 Intro & having the Covid Vaccine
6:15 Has Jeremy Corbyn been vaccinated? Is it fair to even ask?
9:40 The latest bout of Israel V Palestine conflict.
17:52 The shocking scenes of anti-Semitism at pro-Palestine rallies.
22:47 The attack on the home of Muslim Youtuber Abu Layth.
24:50 Hummus
25:48 The outcome of the Batley grammar school investigation over Muhammed cartoons.
32:23 Praise for The National Secular Society
34:02 Shout out to the Batley Binmen Massive
35:56 The shooting of activist Sasha Johnson
38:42 Diane Abbott’s comments on the Sasha Johnson shooting
41:23 Commemorating the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder
49:00 Forced ‘diversity’.
53:33 Iram watches some more 80s movies
56:12 Fat-shaming Stephen

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Ep#175 – Why did American Atheism lose its way?

This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) welcomes co-founder of Atheists for Liberty Thomas Sheedy (@SheedyThom). They talk about the controversy surrounding Richard Dawkins and the regressive descent of other American atheist groups into intersectional ideology. Where did it all go wrong for American atheism? And what can we do to course-correct?

0:00 Intro
2:19 Start of interview & About Thomas Sheedy
3:54 The creation of Atheists for Liberty
5:35 Why did the ‘Reason Rally’ fail so badly?
6:48 ‘Elevatorgate’ & the beginning of the end
13:45 Is going woke really hurting these groups?
21:09 American atheist organisations excommunicate Richard Dawkins
24:13 Why is the debate around self-ID and gender forbidden by ‘sceptics’?
29:33 Is far-left secular ideology making religion seem more appealing?
35:26 What atheist issues should we be paying attention to?
38:52 Can Atheists for Liberty claim political neutrality?
42:30 Setting up Atheist for Liberty stalls at conservative conventions
46:52 The rise of ‘Trumpism’ and the Capitol Hill attack
50:58 Is America on a political knife edge?
53:27 Wokeness uniting non-believers and believers in opposition?
59:30 How to support Atheists for Liberty

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Atheists for Liberty:

Stephen Knight blog on Richard Dawkins Controversy:

Thomas Sheedy’s YouTube Channel:

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