Taking The Myth – October 2018 Edition

This week on Taking The MythStephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) and Iram Ramzan of sedaa.org (@Iram_Ramzan) discuss the big topics. They cover: The Battle of Ideas conference, consent classes, ‘rape culture’, Rod Liddle’s Sunday Times Comments, Tommy Robinson, Sajid Javid’s ‘Asian paedophiles’ Tweet, Ed Husain and much, much more! Also, the ASLAN Awards!

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  • Just a minor point, the quote at around the 47 minute mark did not originate with Christopher Hitchens, he was quoting Steven Weinberg

  • I disagree with one thing regarding Robinson. There is a chance, albeit a possibly slim one, that the case might even get thrown out now. In that case, he was right to fight it, rather than your suggestion that he should simply have admitted he was guilty in order to stop the street marches.
    On another note about “contributions” I suppose that’s what the internet has given many people (Patreon for example). Plus I found the ticket prices for the recent Peterson/Harris/Murray discussions very off-putting – there’s money in that too. But at least they write books. And I was really annoyed with Maajid Nawaz on the recently released Pangburn talk between him, Harris and Murray etc. In introduction, the host listed a few things about the participants, and Nawaz (for himself) said, “You can add millionaire to that”. Okay this was a reference to the payment from the SPLC to him. and possibly a mis-placed “joke”. But what about all of the people who contributed money towards any court case which might have occurred (an awful lot was being asked for)? It was said that the money would be used “to further fight extremism”, but Nawaz is now “a millionaire” according to him. Nice work.
    Yes, there is money in this for all who have been involved in these subjects.

    I agree that Javid’s “no go areas” meant subject rather than geographical areas. Judging by the LBC Facebook comments page, almost 100% took it to mean geographical areas. Given the subject he was talking about, it should have been obvious (I’d have thought) that he was talking about approaching the subject.
    I also agree that his use of “Asian” was an attempt to show that he wouldn’t shy away from it as others have, but it did come across as quite clunky, and a tweet probably wasn’t the place for that, as a longer explanation would not have needed that short and sweet clunkiness.

  • I think there is a disconnect between the commentary on Robinson and what followed about the grooming gangs. Tommy is definitely actively stoking the fire and tapping into people’s outrage, but how should he be doing it? In the very next segment you talk about how the media want to down play the grooming gangs and won’t face them head on for what they are. You quote a piece that paints Tommy as a money grabbing outrage monger from the exact media that is willing to obfuscate the grooming gang situation.

    I don’t know what is the truth of the situation, but belittling what Tommy claims to have happened in prison as “he wasn’t allowed a television” is a little unfair. All of a sudden he becomes a martyr for refusing to to plead guilty to a cause he feels strongly about. I get it, he could have caused the downfall of the trial, and that is most definitely a bad thing but the new cycle gets far more milage from “Far Right Tommy Robinson” than they try to from “Asian rape gangs”

    I wonder if Tommy would prefer the news we’re talking more about what should be done to combat what is happening to young girls in our country than the fact that our military are being punished for having their photo taken with him.

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