Ep#136 – Lucy Brown

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight talks to Lucy Brown (@LucyFrown). They talk about her work with Tommy Robinson, going undercover for ‘Panodrama’, ‘Hope Not Hate’, Mike Stuchberry being harassed by Robinson, social media bans, political violence and much more!

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  • Stephen, I do understand why you want to keep your distance from Tommy Robinson to avoid all the criticism you may attract, but have you considered that you’re playing into the hands of some very unscrupulous people? Every time you describe Tommy as “toxic”, you’re reinforcing the false persona manufactured by the Islamists, the mainstream media, the politicians and the far left. He’s not toxic; it’s their reactions to him that are poisonous. At this time in our history I think we all need to step up and challenge lies and deceit by refusing to allow them to colour our opinions.

    • Hi,


      Thanks for listening and for your feedback. I’ve never wanted to keep my distance from producing commentary about him and his events due to all the ‘criticism’ I may invite. On the contrary, I have interviewed him twice and reported from numerous events he has organised over the years in the full knowledge people will be critical of me for it, and have my own reputation damaged in the process. I’ve never shied away from saying when I think he is right about something, or point out unfair treatment of him. However, my reluctance to dip my toe in these waters going forward is due to his more zealous fans being unable to accept any wrongdoing on his part, and the way they respond to criticism. It’s one of the most uncritical cult of personalities I’ve ever witnessed. It’s Corbynista level. Yes, he is toxic, and people need to also accept that for all the smears he has endured, some of that toxicity has also been well earned. The behaviour and poor judgement I have seen him display over the last few years (trespassing, door stepping, contempt of court, meritless court cases against ‘police harassment’, promoting fake news etc), all the while propagating some idea that he is being ‘persecuted’ (which requires endless donations to address) is more than enough for me to think it’s a better use of my time to direct my energies covering something/someone else.

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