Knight Tube: Mehdi Hasan is wrong about Islamic Terror and ‘mental health issues’

In the wake of the horrific white supremacist terror attack on Muslims in New Zealand, Mehdi Hasan appeared on MSNBC. He told us that non-Muslim terrorists are never labelled terrorists in the media and that Muslim terrorists are never reported to have ‘mental health issues’. In this video, Stephen Knight demonstrates why this is completely false

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  • Of course this was an atrocious attack for NZ, to deal with. They rarely have such problems and their politicians and media certainly gave it everything they’ve got.
    But the way the world newshounds hung on to it with wall to wall coverage for over two weeks was interesting since there was a Muslim terrorist attack in Denmark and another attack on a church in Nigeria during the same period, the detalis of which escape me since both stories were practically ignored altogether. There are constant attacks on Christian Churches in the ME, Egypt and Lebanon and in Africa that have become so common that no one barely mentions them anymore. So I think I can be forgiven if I say ‘Methinks they protesteth too much’ over the Mosques in NZ.

  • To me, it was very noticeable around late summer of 2016 after the Nice Truck attack, when various individual knife and car attacks started being put down to mental health issues. I wasn’t particularly aware of the earlier ones, but a huge rise seemed to start in late 2016. Hasan is a berk, at the very least, and the TV hosts he “explains to” are even bigger berks.

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