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Ep#14 – Homeopathy

It’s Homoeopathy awareness week!  The Project Manager of the Good Thinking Society will be joining me on the #GSPodcast to run through the only 12 things you need to know about Homoeopathy. SPOILER: It’s absolute nonsense.
Guests: Michael Marshall (Project Manager of @GoodThinkingSoc).

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The Godless Spellchecker Podcast was downloaded over 11,100 times this March.  That’s far exceeded my wildest expectations from when I started out in November 2013.  Thank you!

Podcasting, especially as a first time amateur, isn’t something you become an expert at over night, but I feel I’m learning the ropes and finding my feet.  I’m really confident that there will be lots of great content and guests to look forward to for the remainder of 2014.  It’s really only just begun in that respect.

Noticeable improvements to sound and production quality have already been made, and I’m confident throughout 2014 the #GSpodcast will grow and become an even better listen.

As well as continuing to reach out to known & notable speakers within the atheist/secular community for guests, I will also continue to seek out interesting voices that may be unheard of.  If you feel you have something to say in this respect, please let me know here.

I’m also looking into the logistics of taking the show on the road in order to cover exclusive content from events, speaking engagements, debates and conventions.

I very much want this to be a listener’s show too.  An interactive experience for people with shared interests.  I’ll be placing a greater emphasis on audience interaction in the coming months, making the show an outlet for anyone with something interesting or entertaining to contribute.

This is currently a one man operation.  In the limited time outside of my regular 40 hours a week day job, I’m scheming, scheduling guests, recording, editing and producing.  It’s definitely become a second ‘job’, but it’s a huge privilege to get to speak to and learn from so many interesting people.

The show lives or dies on the support of the listener however.  If you’ve enjoyed the show, there are a number of things you can do to support and promote it:

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  2. You can subscribe to, rate & review the show in iTunes.  This helps the show climb up the charts.  This will not only increase the audience, but give the show the clout to attract prominent figures as guests in the future.
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Ep#13 – When Knowledge Conquered Fear – Cosmos

Another Cosmos Special Edition! We welcome Scientia to the #GSPodcast and applaud the return of Episode 11’s Brian.  We’ll be tackling the big talking points from Ep.3 of Cosmos: ‘When Knowledge Conquered Fear’.  Newton, comets and where the hell can I grab myself a copy of ‘The History of Fish?’

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Ep#12 – Some Of The Things That Molecules Do – Cosmos

Laura and Daniel drop in on the #GSPodcast to help me recap, review and discuss Cosmos Episode 2: ‘Some Of The Things That Molecules Do’.  We delve into artificial selection, natural selection, DNA, irreducible complexity and creationist nonsense. Also, does anyone know whether Polar bears cover their eyes?
Guests@LauraLeeBiology & @lepage_d. Also available on Stitcher and iTunes.

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