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The Coca-Cola Christmas Cult (CCC)


Let me treat you to a preview of the sort of conversation that will be permeating workplaces, schools and social networks in the upcoming weeks:

Person 1: “Oh my god, did you see the Coca-Cola advert last night?”

Person 2: “Yes! It’s now Christmas!”

Person 1: “Yes, I know!! Because of the Coca-Cola advert last night”.

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Gig Review: Daniel Sloss Goes ‘Dark’.


The Lowry, Manchester
Wed 7th Oct
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I love comedy. I imagine most people enjoy laughing, but I mean to say that I truly respect the craft of making people laugh. The timing of it, the delivery of it. Playing god with the emotional responses of an entire room.

There’s painfully funny people who would die on stage, and there’s also sombre types who would bring the house down given a microphone and a crowd. Such is the mysterious character of this particular art.

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