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DJ @DeeJayNDN Says Charlie Hebdo Is Racist, and So Are You If You Disagree #JeSuisCharlie

taubira-en-singe-charlie-hebdoSay what you want about Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Crass, tasteless, unfunny etc. You’re entitled to your view, and I suppose it’s all subjective. But one thing they are not, is racist. In fact, they mocked and ridiculed the racist far-right.

You may be forgiven for misconstruing their cartoons on first glance as racist, not all of us have a grasp of the French language and their frenetic political scene. However once someone has enlightened you on these points, it would be best to stop shouting ‘racist!’ lest you embarrass yourself, or denigrate dead cartoonist any further.

I’d like to share an exchange I had with a Twitter user named @Deejayndn. I’ve no idea who they are, except they have over 10,000 Twitter followers, called me racist and are ‘in a band’ apparently.

Ok, so I was copied in to this exchange at some point on Charlie Hebdo:

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