Ep#74 – Caroline Fourest – Charlie Hebdo

A year on from the horrific terror attacks on the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, I’m fortunate to be joined by author Caroline Fourest (@CarolineFourest) on The #GSPodcast. We talk about her excellent new book ‘In Praise of Blasphemy: Why Charlie Hebdo Is Not “Islamophobic”. She helps clear up some of the smears and myths surrounding Charlie Hebdo and we talk about ‘that’ Sky News interview. In addition, we discuss secularism, the far right and hate speech laws in France. #JeSuisCharlie

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  • Terrific coup having Caroline Fourest on the show Stephen, well done both of you for a really informative and important interview! I’m really looking forward to being able to buy her book but presently it appears to be unavailable on Amazon, and one day (fingers crossed) she records an audiobook version in English as I’d love to be able to get that from audible.com. Where is David Smalley when you need him…don’t answer that.

  • We live in a time when some semi-educated anarchist tweeter with a chip on his shoulder can insouciantly allege the Hitch’s genocidal appetite for dead Iranians. Daft memes can spread and I’m glad we have reasonable people like yourself to gather up that evil back into its box.

    Caroline Fourest does a great job debunking the spineless – and vaguely racist – Anglo-Saxon insinuation that, well, the French don’t treat their immigrants aright and there’s something deeply dodgy about French culture. That she has to defend Charlie Hebdo as an anti-racist, leftist paper is almost beside the point: she only has to do it because huge elements of our anglophone left and the mainstream fail to defend the principle. Whatever CH’s politics, the terrorists are to blame. And she was much too polite about Corbyn: she’s gone after him before, and rightly so.

    We need more linguists like her: people who can speak French and English showing that we are saying the same things.

    The woman’s a hero.

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