France Launches ‘Terror Alert App’ Ahead Of Euro 2016


The French government have launched what is being described as a ‘terror alert app’ for mobile devices ahead of the European Football Championship which kicks off this Friday.

It’s been a turbulent few years for France in terms of security – from attacks on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, to attacks on public events held at the Stade de France and concert halls.


Tensions will be high ahead of Friday’s opening game between France and Romania. From the BBC:

The government said the app was developed after November’s attacks in Paris. which killed 130 people.

On Tuesday, the British Foreign Office warned that stadiums, fan zones and transport hubs were possible targets for attack during the football tournament.

Users will be able to sign up to receive alerts in up to eight different “geographical zones” in addition to their present location.

Alerts will offer a brief description of what has happened as well as advice on how to stay safe.


As well as the looming threat of Islamic terrorism, there is also a concern with far-right, ultra-nationalist elements as reported earlier in the week.

I hope the sporting event goes ahead as planned without incident. This is hard to say as an Englishman of course, but I think it would be fitting if France were to lift the cup this year. A reminder to those who wish to force theocracy on France by violent means that despite their best efforts – the French people will endure. Vive la France.

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