Ep#104 – David Smalley

This week on The #GSPodcast Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) talks to David Smalley (@DavidCSmalley) of Dogma Debate (www.dogmadebate.com). Topics covered include: Mythcon, Sargon of Akkad, sexual abuse, online smears, ‘Nazi hysteria’, Antifa, Trump, Humanism, ‘the atheist community’ and much, much more.

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  • I really enjoyed the show. Why don’t you bring Thomas on the show and hash out your differences? And any others from the movement with which you have major disagreements.

    • I agree, it would be good to hear someone on the show who doesn’t think it was OK to platform Carl of Swindon. Doesn’t have to be Thomas Smith, Dan Areal or Eli Bosniak, but there are dozens of people who would be able to argue against it.

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  • I agree with the previous two comments. It seems to be too easy to have on the podcast somebody with whom you largely agree. I would much rather hear you have on somebody with whom you disagree, but is willing to explore their differences with you.

  • Ok, the thing I honestly don’t get. David says he saw a “lot of threads” about how this was going to be Nazicon 2017. I didn’t, and I was front row- a friend of Steve Shives and Kristi Winters, I was in the hangouts with them, I wrote blog and facebook posts about the thing.
    I know Dan Arel got in an argument with them and called them a ‘Nazi training camp’ on twitter. That’s one. But that’s it? I’ve gone onto twitter trying to find them. Where are they? Can anyone show me?

    • Also if you want to see evidence that we were always outraged that Mythcon was inviting Carl of Swindon because he is an online harasser of women- now THAT I can give you. Just cuz Smalley here doesn’t know what he’s on about is no reason for him to tell us we ‘changed our minds’. The man laughed at my murdered friend, don’t tell me what I’m annoyed by or how annoyed I get to be. Ask me and I have no problem letting you know.

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