Taking The Myth Special with Nicky Campbell

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) and Iram Ramzan of sedaa.org (@Iram_Ramzan) welcome an extra special guest. Nicky Campbell, a titan of TV and Radio broadcasting will be joining us to talk about BBC’s The Big Questions, faith, science, literalism and much, much more!

0:00 Intro
2:37 Start of interview
5:06 The ‘cancellation’ of BBC’s The Big Questions and its unique format
9:58 The rise and fall of Mo Ansar
14:13 The BBC and impartiality
16:05 Christian Literalism and creationism
18:08 Have any guests been involved in physical alterations?
21:29 Best and worse debates
22:41 More on literalism
23:43 Ibrahim Mogra’s very specific claims about the afterlife
34:46 The sincerity of true believers?
36:46 Evolution and Noah’s ark
41:35 What do grieving elephants reveal about us?
43:11 Does Nicky have faith? Does he believe in a creator?
45:27 The Qur’anic explanation for life
48:46 Science V Faith
52:20 A resurgence of Christianity? The benefits and problems with certainty
55:33 Being labelled both ‘Islamophobic’ and too afraid to question Islam simultaneously
58:59 ‘Cherished liberties’, criticising religion and ‘punching down’ on theocracy
01:04:51 Anjem Choudhary and Tommy Robinson
01:10:32 Wheel of Fortune revival?
01:11:48 Student unions and Nigel Farage

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