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What’s Being Said About Atheists In Arabic?


I’ve previously wondered what horrors I might uncover were I able to see what the Arabic speaking world were saying about atheists on Twitter. Well, thanks to the good work of Twitter user @Ahmedaa1k, I need wonder no more. And it’s not good news. Please note, Ahmed is not the individual making these statements, but the one translating them. Here are some Arabic responses to the hash tag ‘atheism is not a crime’:

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‘Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam’ Documentary


At the start of the week, I released my interview with co-founder of Faith To Faithless, Imtiaz Shams. We spoke about a wide variety of topics including an upcoming VICE News documentary he contributed to called ‘Rescuing ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam’. It has now been released and you can watch it in full below.

I’m always keen to hear ex-Muslim voices given the unique obstacles they often face when attempting to leave their faith, or convert to another. This mini-film is heart-breaking and terrifying in equal measure.

Keep in mind when you see the violence and intimidation visited on some of these ‘apostates’: this isn’t just happening in problematic regions of the middle east, but in parts of England too.

Imtiaz’s network is doing a fine job providing support for these people and giving them a voice. Please support them and spread the word however you can.



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Ep#76 – Imtiaz Shams – Faith To Faithless

Joining me on this week’s #GSPodcast is Imtiaz Shams (@imtishams). He’ll be telling me about the important work he is doing with Faith To Faithless. We also delve into free speech, imperialism, becoming an ex-Muslim and empowering minority voices. We’ll also hear about the VICE and BBC documentaries he’s been involved with.

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Ep#41 – Ex-Muslims of North America #ExMuslim

Muhammad Syed (@motheatheist) and Sarah Haider (@SarahTheHaider) of The Ex-Muslims Of North America (@ExMuslimsOfNa) join me on this week’s #GSPodcast.  We discuss the wonderful work they are doing in providing a support network for people leaving the Islamic faith.  They tell us about their own ‘apostasy’ and explain the issues surrounding the depiction of Muhammad in the wake of the horrific Charlie Hebdo attacks.  We also discuss anti-Muslim bigotry, ‘Islamophobia’, gender segregation and freedom of expression.  Please show them some support.

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