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Taking The Myth – 16 Feb Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight discusses the big topics such as: Tommy Robinson on The Rubin Report, Richard Dawkins’s health and the latest bout of Evolution denial and smearing. And of course, The ASLAN Awards.

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Ed Husain Has Gone Off The Deep End


I recently highlighted the fact that Ed Husain chose Darwin Day to out himself as an evolution denier. This was particularly disappointing as I had considered Husain to be an ally of secularism and enlightenment (he co-founded Quilliam with Maajid Nawaz). Many had hopes that this would prove to be a temporary ailment and Ed would ‘get well soon’ so to speak.

Well, in response to the public drubbing he received for his evolution comments, Ed appears to have now completely gone off the deep end. Or ‘gone full Werleman’ if you will:



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Ed Husain Says Something Silly About Evolution


Ed Husain is an author who co-founded the counter-extremist think tank Quilliam with Maajid Nawaz. Ed has been lauded for ditching the politicized Islamic ideology of his formative years. He details this journey in his book ‘The Islamist’. Needless to say, he’s done a great amount of work challenging the Islamist narrative and he is what many would consider to be a ‘progressive Muslim’.

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