Taking The Myth – May 2021 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) and Iram Ramzan of sedaa.org (@Iram_Ramzan) discuss the big topics.

0:00 Intro & having the Covid Vaccine
6:15 Has Jeremy Corbyn been vaccinated? Is it fair to even ask?
9:40 The latest bout of Israel V Palestine conflict.
17:52 The shocking scenes of anti-Semitism at pro-Palestine rallies.
22:47 The attack on the home of Muslim Youtuber Abu Layth.
24:50 Hummus
25:48 The outcome of the Batley grammar school investigation over Muhammed cartoons.
32:23 Praise for The National Secular Society
34:02 Shout out to the Batley Binmen Massive
35:56 The shooting of activist Sasha Johnson
38:42 Diane Abbott’s comments on the Sasha Johnson shooting
41:23 Commemorating the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder
49:00 Forced ‘diversity’.
53:33 Iram watches some more 80s movies
56:12 Fat-shaming Stephen

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  • robin gangopadhya

    Why is it that any and all expression of rejection of all Israeli acts under the aegis of apartheid system deeply supported by all erstwhile millennia old Torturers ( Western Christendom) ARE ALWAYS branded as “ anti-semitism” -a dog- whistle combo word that excites more extremists highly weaponized and ruthless practice of more grotesque State/ ethnic violence never seen since WW II ?
    Everybody has a right to protest against such weaponized barbarism.

  • BBC ran big showpiece a year on from Floyd. Anthony Joshua saying he was killed – just because he was black. And Jacob Blake was just sitting in his car with his 3 kids. You said here what I’ve not been able to get out of my head since the anniversary was talked about – no evidence that racism had anything to do with it. Chauvin had a string of complaints against and I don’t think there’s any evidence of them being racially relevant. The global gaslight in full effect. Wild!

  • Robin Gangopadhya

    Hello: listening to the conversation around the only remaining totally Apartheid regime on this Planet, exposes a pathetic regularity of all such conversations. I invite you to study “ Pagans in the Promised Land” and its review by a professor from Oregon University. Here the context is usurpation of American Indian lands and their annihilation by the same group then under the influence of the same biblical mythe as they continued on yet another group! The key take of the Review is abuse of the Words.
    In short, a generous “understanding’ of Israeli brutality – entirely supported by the same group- is itself a monstrosity specially this time because the Pandemic had already brought about misery among the suppressed population AND settlers were in the midst of evicting more people to take possession of their houses allowed under Israeli laws- of biblical vintage.
    ANY pretension to show how unbiased such discussions are ipso facto grotesque.
    Such brutality by the zionistas is not worthy of high minded considerations.

  • Well, how the heck are you-all doin’? WOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEE!

  • Hi guys, as usual great episode. I went to look up the Sasha Johnson shooting just to get some context (I live in Canada) and you may or may not have noticed that The Guardian doesn’t even mention Diane Abbott’s comments, a sitting MP making inflammatory public statements that turn out to be untrue and not a peep. The Guardian is the Fox News of the Left, like you guys I am a left of center liberal so I’m curious where do you get your news?

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