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Ep#85 – The Atheos App

Sarah Paquette (for_sarahious) and Christine Vigeant (@CVeeg) will be joining me on The #GSPodcast this week. They will be telling all about the exciting new ‘Atheos’ app. We talk about scientific literacy, evolution, examining your own beliefs, logical fallacies and street epistemology. Find out more at www.atheos-app.com.

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Ep#15 – Peter Boghossian – Faith & Epistemology

Author of ‘A Manual For Creating Atheists’ and Philosophy Instructor Peter Boghossian drops in on the #GSPodcast to talk faith, street epistemology and critical thinking.  How do we convince people that faith is not a reliable path to truth? Also, did the #GSPodcast experience a divine smiting?*

Guest: Peter Boghossian (@PeterBoghossian)
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