Ep#48 – A Year Without God Film

I had a great time talking with directors Ryan Moore and Tim Banks about their upcoming documentary film ‘A Year Without God‘ (@YWG_film).  They followed ex-Pastor Ryan Bell around for a year as he set out to discover ‘What difference does god make?’ They share some exclusive insight into the film and tell us about their own paths to free thought.

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#BBCTBQ Debrief Podcast – Feb 22 – Terrorism, Faith Schools & Satan!

Another special edition debrief of BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’. I’ll be inviting twitter followers to ‘call in’ and share their opinions on Episode 7 of Season 8. Topics include: terrorism, faith schools and Satan!

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Ep#47 – London Black Atheists

I had a great time talking with Clive and Lola from London Black Atheists (@LndBlkAtheists). They explain the numerous reasons that necessitate a group of this kind. We discuss their Nigerian backgrounds and the cultural/historical pressures surrounding being black and godless. Please show them some support.

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Luke Savage Doubles Down On Dishonest Hackery. @LukeWSavage

Image Credit http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/life-in-post-truth-america/

Image Credit http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/life-in-post-truth-america/

The rate at which dishonest hacks are popping up on the topic of atheism of late may necessitate a hall of fame on my blog.

One such hack is Luke Savage who wrote this squalid little piece in Jacobin back in December 2014. It’s the usual collection of misrepresentation and smears – but fortunately the excellent Jerry Coyne took the liberty of unblocking this particular sewage pipe on his blog – entitled ‘Luke Savage’s vicious (and misleading) atheist bashing’. Read more

Statement From Michael Wilson (@GodlessAtheist) on ‘God Is Incredible’ Film.

Michael Wilson – Facebook Cover Photo From Jan 2015


I recently blogged a piece about Michael Wilson’s crowdfunded documentary ‘God Is Incredible’. Funds of over $10,000 were received by Wilson back in June 2012 thanks to the generosity of 152 backers.

In the years following, promised release and preview dates came and went without being fulfilled and updates became sparse until they ceased altogether in January 2014.  I set out investigating this with the hope of getting some information for those who are wondering how their money has been spent.  In the process of writing my blog piece I reached out to Wilson for comment.  His statement is reproduced below, verbatim – with permission:



I have been terrible at providing updates and I apologize for this. I have been delayed for several reasons including major surgery,  change  if employment that made things difficult, the near arrival1 of my first child but mostly being overwelmed with the massive task that I was completely underprepared for. I wanted to have something to show before I made another update but this kept drifting later and later as I kept second guessing what I was producing. 

I know I have disappointed a lot of people.  My plan going forward is to release a short of each interview on a monthly basis with the final feature out towards the of the year.

I am committed to this project still and have taken on an editor and an animator to help me out. I know this feels like waiting for the second coming but it will be happening and you will start to see fruits soon.
Thanks for your support
My suggestion would be to remain charitable in your judgement, but questions still remain as to how exactly the $10,000 (possibly $12,000)2 has been spent, and why updates ceased on a project that is now 2 years overdue.  I will follow-up this piece later on in the year.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I think this may have been intended as ‘new arrival’.  I am waiting on a response from Wilson to clarify
  2. A funder was asked to wire $2,000 to Wilson’s wife’s business account.  This amount does not appear to be accounted for in the list of funders on the INDIEGOGO campaign page, meaning it’s possible this $2,000 is in addition to the $10,000 raised
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