Paris Terror Ringleader Smoked & Drank Alcohol. So?


Christmas has come early for the regressive left. Reports have landed to suggest Paris terror Ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud was partial to the odd tipple and spliff – because an eyewitness said she was ‘99% sure’ she saw him ‘smoking and drinking’. This proves he was not a Muslim apparently, or at the least, not a sincere one. This is followed by reports that one of the suicide bombers owned a bar, despite alcohol being forbidden in Islam. Depending on your interpretation of course.

This kind of thing is not new. 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta and his crew were said to have visited a strip club before they embarked on their suicide mission. The same amateur theologians jumped on this detail to spin their apologist yarn too. As though all that ‘Allahu Akbarring’ was just a bit of a laugh.

Of course, everyone cherry picks their religion. That is actually a good thing. This is why Christians by and large no longer burn witches or admonish those who eat shellfish. Yet would the mainstream dare to claim people refraining from these acts are not truly Christians? Of course not.

It’s also wickedly amusing that those looking to defend Islam point to booze and drugs, rather than the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents as their strongest ‘get out of Islam free card’.

It seems no matter how many times Islamists tell us exactly why they are doing what they are doing, followed by a demonstration of their sincerity, it won’t be enough to shake these people out of their bubble. If you want to make the issue of extremism not only easy, but rewarding on yourself: Just point your finger at anything and everything other than the core, motivating ideology. You’ll render yourself utterly redundant on the topic, but you won’t lose any friends. And the cheap seats will lap it up.

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‘The Lad Bible’ Refer To France Terror Ringleader as ‘Godless’


Well, of course we shouldn’t rely on ‘The Lad Bible’ for sensible commentary on world events. They are a click-baiting social media enterprise with a penchant for taking other people’s content without permission or attribution. Worse still, they threaten bloggers with legal action for pointing out as much.

However, they do have a substantial following. At the time of writing this, they have 1.5 million followers on Twitter and just under 11 million ‘likes’ on Facebook. They just tweeted out this1:


Given I possess more than a few brain cells, I’ve never been a fan of ‘Lad culture’, and I have even less patience for ignorance of this kind.

Sure, this is trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it also serves as a reminder. Despite how much progress has been made in humanistic circles, nonbelievers as a minority are still considered somewhat ‘evil’ in mainstream circles. Take a moment if you will to consider that the individual behind this post grasped for a suitable pejorative to describe a terrorist murderer and settled on ‘Godless’.

The insult aside, those responsible for these atrocities were some of the most godly people on the planet. I’m not sure what else they would need to do to in order to convince a sensible person of their sincerity.

Perhaps I’ve misread The Lad Bible, and they were simply conveying what nonbelievers have known for some time: everyone is Godless.

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  1. It seems they have now deleted it. A retraction with acknowledgment would have been more appropriate, but again – ‘The Lad Bible’

Taking The Myth – 18 Nov Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and A Scotsman Abroad discuss the big topics with guest callers. We talk about the horrific Islamist terror attacks in Paris and the appalling regressive response to it. Also, who is ‘Galen Hallcyon’? And why is he refusing to answer questions about his public claim to have conversed with Chapel Hill Murderer Craig Hicks? We’ll also be telling you what you definitely shouldn’t search in Google and share on Twitter. A Scotsman Abroad also blames something on religion.

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Muslims Shouldn’t Be Patronised With Praise For Condemning ISIS


As much as it must be annoying for decent Muslims to be constantly asked to denounce ISIS, I don’t think that is the question we should be asking. Muslims shouldn’t be patronised with a ‘pat on the head’ for saying how awful a murdering, raping death cult is. That’s an incredibly low bar to clear for anyone, and my expectations of Muslims aren’t so poor as to be impressed by it. ‘Moderation’ is not what we need either. We need progressive Muslims. Those that understand that secularism is vital and that a theocracy or caliphate is not a good idea under any circumstances. And by ‘we’ I mean Muslims and non-Muslims.

I know next to nothing about Sulaiman Daud except that he says he is a Muslim and has now set the gold standard with his below Facebook post in response to the recent Paris attacks:

I want to thank well-meaning non-Muslims who, in the wake of these attacks, have emphasised that they have been carried out by a small, twisted minority. A terrorist’s goal is to sow hatred and discord, and by not giving in, you are defeating their plans.

But I want to say that as a Muslim, I wish that we weren’t so quick to emphasise that this has nothing to do with us. While I personally have never killed anyone and none of my friends and family have ever resorted to violence, radicalism has everything to do with Islam. And the failure to address that out of a well-intentioned commitment to tolerance is making the problem worse.

ISIS is a Muslim organisation, and it is an Islamic problem. Let me say it again to be perfectly clear. ISIS is a Muslim organisation, and they are a cancer at the heart of Islam. And the problem will not go away until Muslims confront that.

ISIS attackers scream ‘Allah hu’akbar’ during their attacks.
ISIS recruits cite Qur’anic verses as justification for the rape and enslavement of women.
ISIS soldiers kill archaeologists, gay men and women, and people who refuse to convert to Islam because they are blasphemers.

There are no Christians in ISIS. There are no Buddhists, Jews, Pagans, Taoists, Houngans, Catholics, Wiccans, Hindus or even Scientologists in ISIS. ISIS is a Muslim organisation and they kill in the name of Islam.

So don’t say that ISIS aren’t ‘true Muslims’ or that they are ‘not really Muslims’. Like any large organisation, ISIS exists in a spectrum. You have the aimless, restless teenager who never amounted to anything in his life and traveled to Syria because he can’t find a job and doesn’t know if the Qur’an is to be read from left to right or right to left. But you also have pious professionals, businessmen, and academics who read their Qur’an cover to cover, pray every day, were seduced into radicalism, and truly believe that the Islamic State’s goal of conquest is a noble one. The so-called ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has a doctorate in Islamic studies.

So if you feel that Muslims are being oppressed or killed in Muslim countries, I expect you to also be just as outraged by ISIS. Because they have killed more Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Jordan than the entire US army. They have done more damage to the name and reputation of Islam than any Western nation. ISIS is Islam’s biggest enemy, not the US, not Israel or France or Germany or the Russians.

We have to own the problem. We have to admit that this is a religious problem, and we need to renew our commitment to a secular country which treats all religions equally. I have believed in the importance of secularism all my life, and with every day that passes that belief grows stronger. Religion is no way to govern a nation. Not any religion, and not any nation.

ISIS is not America’s problem, nor the British, nor the French. ISIS is not Syria or Iraq’s problem. ISIS is a problem for Muslims. And if you can’t admit that, you’re not really a good Muslim either.


Voices like Sulaiman’s are the ones we should be amplifying above all the easy spiel about how this has ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Given Sulaiman’s lucid and thoughtful response currently has over 34,000 ‘shares’ on Facebook, I’m encouraged at the thought that many feel the same too.

 Stephen Knight is host of The #GSPodcast. You can listen to The Godless Spellchecker Podcast here, and support it by becoming a patron here.

The ‘Voldemort Effect’ Claims Rufus Hound As Its Victim


As information continues to pour in and the body count increases, I’m gripped with an utter sense of grief, frustration and impotence over the horrific terror attacks that have occurred in France. Seemingly, the information we do have appears to point towards Islamist extremism. Quelle surprise.

In an attempt to offset my feeling of hopelessness, I couldn’t help but take to Twitter to poke my fellow ‘liberals’ about their disgusting apologist rhetoric in service of the ideology that shall not be named  – lest we hurt some feelings.

This brings me to UK comedian and former Liberal Democrat campaigner Rufus Hound. Rufus has 1.12 million Twitter followers and has been engaging in a regressive bout of ‘nothing to do with Islam’ on his Twitter feed. To compound matters, he decided to retweet this from our favourite plagiarist hack:

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An Open Letter To @Hallcyon Regarding His Craig Hicks Comments


Galen Hallcyon’ is a video blogger. I’m not familiar with this individual, or their output. However, a post they made on Facebook has come to my attention. The post is dated 22 October 2015, and its author ‘Hallcyon’ appears to claim that he had a conversation with Craig Hicks prior to The Chapel Hill Shootings:

‘I even have conversed with him on these positions. I thought the fellow was highly dangerous and my talks with him even kept me up at night. I was highly disappointed in not being able to reach him as he seemed persuaded by the inflammatory rhetoric of many vloggers. ‘

Further details are unfortunately lacking. This claim is now being used by a number of the usual suspects to confirm that this atrocity is an anti-Muslim hate crime, even before any attempts to substantiate these claims have been made. I reached out to ‘Hallcyon’ on Twitter and in a private email1 in the hope he would clarify a few things. Even though he has remained active on social media in the days following my attempts to communicate, I’m yet to receive a response. Given the potential importance of this information to the official investigation, I’ve posted my email below in the hope that it may prompt a response. I encourage you to share it far and wide.

Given the potential value this information could have to the current Police investigation, I feel I have a responsibility to make them aware of it too – so I will also be forwarding this on to The Chapel Hill Police Department in case they are not already aware.

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  1. I sent my email to the email address listed on ‘Hallcyon’s’ YouTube page
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