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An Aussie atheist living in Israel joins me on The #GSPodcastEddie (@eddieBohls) will be giving us a first-hand account of what life is like in Israel during this latest round of conflict with Gaza. He’ll be telling us what the protocol for a rocket attack is, and give us some details on the ‘Iron Dome’.

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It’s all about Mormonism this week on The #GSPodcastWendyCraig join me to talk about Joseph Smith, The Church of The Latter Day Saints and Polygamist cults.
I’ll also do a round-up of this week’s godly news in #ThingsTheGodlyDo.

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Guests: WendyCraig

Douglas Murray dropped in on The #GSPodcast this week.  He was at his usual erudite & amusing best.  We covered a wide range of topics including The Trojan Horse Plot, British Jihadists,  Hamas/Israel, the veil, Julian Assange and he shares a wonderful Christopher Hitchens anecdote.  We also waste a moment or two reflecting on the demise of Mo Ansar.  Be sure to read his hilarious e-book ‘Islamophilia‘ & his Spectator Blog.

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Guest: Douglas Murray (@DouglasKMurray)

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Human rights activist Maryam Namazie joins me on The #GSPodcast to discuss Sharia, human rights, Islamism and why you should put the Secular Conference in your calendar. Courtney (@godless_mom) tells us all about #FreeMubarak. Please sign the petition & spread the word.

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GuestsMaryam Namazie & Courtney

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I’ve decided I don’t blog nearly enough, so therefore will be inflicting upon you this pointless email exchange.  Partly in the hope that someone may be able to discover the deep meaning hiding amongst its inanity.  Consider it a challenge.

I recently released a podcast on the dangers of blasphemy laws, which, for reasons that should be apparent to anyone with a pulse, spent a significant portion focused on Islam.  I then received the following emails.  It’s worth noting that I have a particular dislike for those that use a lot of words to say precisely nothing. I’m also not a fan of new age platitudes with delusions of knowledge either.  I may update with further replies should they arrive.  I’ve changed the name to protect identity:


From: Fredericka
Date: 23 Jun 2014 11:20
To: Godless Spellchecker
Subject: Ep. 22, July 22th 2014, ”Blasphemy”: a Comment

If ”Anti Semitism” legally exists and gets punished, then ”Anti [any other Ethnicity]” should exist and be treated the same Way [which is the Equality needed within the so called legal System]. If ”Islamo Phobia” exists, then any other ”[Religion or Creed or political Orientation] Phobia” should exist, and be treated the same Way [see above mentioned Equality]. If Criticism of religious [or theist] ideological Thoughts and Doctrines [and Books] and charismatic Leaders is allowed and needed, then Criticism of any other [even atheist] ideological Thoughts and Doctrines [and Books] and charismatic Leaders should be allowed and needed. Let’s talk about every Religion and political Ideology [be it theist or atheist] and criticize them all: criticize their classist, racialist/ethnicism, discriminating Tenets, and their ”slavist Mentality” [which is based on the Creed that certain People must be priviledged and are superior than Others, and that many other People must be discriminated against and are inferior than Others]. Be fair altogether, be equanimous, that’s what we [living sentient (human) Beings] need on this Planet or Earth. Inner and outer Light/Happiness, inner Goodness and outer Strength to Every1.

==================== (more…)