Ep#44 – Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Elder – Mike Bigelow

I’m lucky to be joined by Mike Bigelow on The #GSPodcast this week. Mike is a former Jehovah’s Witness elder of 18 years. He talks about the difficulties growing up in a Jehovah’s Witness’ household, going door to door as a child, escaping the ideology and he’ll explain some of the dogmas surrounding things such as blood transfusions and birthdays. Mike also tells us the cost his enlightenment has had on his family dynamic. I also take a few minutes to share my experience of being an audience member in the recent broadcast of ‘The Big Questions’

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  • What a great episode of the podcast! Mike seems such a thoughtful, good, well spoken and clever guy. Fascinating stuff about Jehovah’s Witness doctrine from a personal and moving perspective. Great stuff!

  • Mike is a really interesting guy to listen to. Thank you to you both. 🙂

  • Besides geological evidence that belies the 4400 years since creation is the fact that stars and galaxies are billions of light years away. You can’t believe the age of the universe is so young if you also believe in astronomy and the speed of light.

  • Fascinating listening, learned a lot. Logic will out!

  • Hi Mike, I had a similar background, and spent around a decade wrestling with questions largely springing from insurmountable ‘doubts’ concerning the incompatibility of Watchtower doctrine and the scientific consensus re. the natural world, primarily biology. Good to hear your story, and I can certainly empathise with the resultant loss of family ties as a sad result. I feel that though many may leave a Faith for reasons other than logic, these questions must be tackled eventually, otherwise people carry on post-Faith tortured with unnecessary anxiety, guilt, and confusion. What a species, this homo “sapiens”!

  • Really enjoyed this podcast. Mike is a calm, rational and honest chap and as a father of two young boys the part about how his sons no longer talk to him hit me a bit.

  • I’m from N.H. and know the Bigelow family. They were the “rockstars” of the local area. Everyone knew, and wanted to be friends with The Bigelows.

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