Ep#86 – Average Mohamed – Anti-extremism

Average Mohamed (AverageMohamed) will be joining me on this week’s #GSPodcast. Mohamed is a retail worker and family man from Minnesota. In his spare time he is an activists who provides outreach to the Muslim community youth with the aim of dissuading them from succumbing to extremism. We talk about ISIS, scripture, the example of Muhammad, cartoons, democracy and more.

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  • From what he does, I looked him up after listening to your interview, I think he’s doing good, however his depth of conviction and belief is deeply disturbing.

  • I second what Greg said. Both hopeful and disturbing.
    Thanks for doing the interview Stephen 🙂

  • Agreed with Amber and Greg.

    Average Mo is focussed on the obvious extremes, such as ISIS, but it seems he is oblivious to his own extremes and the extremes that are common ground amongst mainstream Muslims worldwide.

    ISIS is irrelevent. Islam is problematic enough without it.

  • Where is the campaign to buy AvMo some batteries for his smoke detectors?

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