Sean Kent Opts For Narrative Over Integrity


This doesn’t apply to everyone I encounter on this topic of course, but whenever I notice someone is really putting their back into anti-Israel rhetoric or has ‘BDS’ in their Twitter bio, I find it useful to subject them to a quick purity test.

Searching some key words against their output can often reveal everything you need to know about their motivations. Useful terms include: ‘9/11’, ‘false flag’, ‘holocaust’, ‘protocols’ and ‘inside job’ – for reasons which should be obvious, but in case they are not I’ll explain.

No small portion of anti-Israel sentiment is generated by anti-Semitism (tiresome, yet obligatory ‘not all’ disclaimer). Given many anti-Jewish tropes are conspiratorial in nature, I often discover a clear overlap between conspiracy theorists and those taking up staunch anti-Israel positions (obligatory, yet still tiresome reiteration of ‘not all’).

This brings me to a man named Robert Martin. Martin’s entire raison d’etre appears to be to oppose all things Israel. Rather predictably, a quick search for 9/11 on his twitter feed revealed that Martin shared the following memes on the 2015 anniversary of 9/11:



When asked outright whether he thought the perpetrators of one of the worst attacks on Western soil had been Islamic fundamentalists, he answered in the negative, then blocked:


This brings me to a podcast Martin appeared on which was released after our exchange. You all know what CJ Werlman is about of course, but you may not know that he also co-hosts a podcast with a ‘comedian’ named Sean Kent. Their latest guest happened to be the aforementioned Martin:



What are Werleman and Kent’s opinions on 9/11 conspiracy theorists though?



Seems rather unambiguous to me.

Once it was revealed to Sean that his guest appeared to be a 9/11 ‘truther’ he responded not by denouncing Robert Martin as ‘bat-shit crazy’ or a ‘psycho’, but by labelling me a ‘turd’ for highlighting this fact. Then he also blocked.


One notable troll got so choked up that their anti-Israel hero had been exposed as a tinfoil hat wearing crackpot that they saw no other recourse than to project about my manhood.


This wouldn’t be the first time they have excused nefarious ethics to defend ‘one of their own’, i.e someone who is anti-Israel.

This is not a mere trivial difference of politics between Martin and his hosts. Martin is a man who seems to think the US Government are responsible for 9/11 – or at the very least he endorses the view that they are. This is an extreme position, regardless of its popularity.

Given how claims of Israeli involvement often go hand in hand with this 9/11 ‘inside job’ narrative, it would be remiss of Sean and CJ not to follow this up. But they won’t.

Just so long as he keeps ‘bitch-slapping’ the IDF eh?

The message Sean and CJ are sending to their listeners here is clear: Just so long as you are sufficiently anti-Israel, everything else gets a free pass.

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  • Saudi practically admitted some form of involvement in 9/11 a few months back when they began threatening the USA not to de-classify the omitted pages of the 9/11 report.

    The Saudi’s are claimed to be our (UK & USA) closest ally in the middle east.

    I don’t wear a foil hat, don’t suspect a controlled explosion, but remain open minded on the subject of who was involved.

    The American people should be demanding disclosure of the remaining report.

  • I think thats a bit conspiratorial. Construction steel bends and buckles as opposed to melts at way below the 1800 Degree celsius it takes to melt it. There was a video by a welder where he heated the piece of construction pipe steel to 1200 in the forge then set it in the hole in his anvil touched it with his little finger and it bent right over and fell flat on the floor

  • There’s no doubt those buildings came down thru controlled demolition. I will leave the how and why alone. Traces of thermite found by foreign researchers. Only way to account for the underground heat that persisted for days. Enjoy.

  • I dare say Mr Martin might not be so brave if he came face to face with some real IDF.

  • Speaking as someone who is sympathetic to the plight of ordinary Palestinians (but not to the Islamist ideology of Hamas) and thinks that there should be a return to the pre-1967 borders, I thank you for calling this nonsense out. 9/11 Trutherism is a blot on the left-wing landscape. I had arguments with a guy I knew in the local activist movement when he rented out a movie theater and screened Loose Change, v. 2.0. It was so full of flawed arguments, bad assumptions, inconsistencies, and distortions that I was writhing as I watched it and could hardly stifle the temptation to yell at the screen. The “they fell too fast” argument was played up in that documentary, despite the fact that any building that has had its supports weakened to the point of collapse will collapse at roughly freefall speed. As long as there isn’t anything holding it up, such as a parachute, things on earth fall at a rate of 9.81 meters per second per second. Period.

    Ironically, for all that the Truther movement has a lot of anti-Jewish bigotry, it also has a surprising amount of anti-Arab bigotry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard variants of the argument that the 9/11 hijackers couldn’t have done it because there’s no way Arabs would be able to plan and execute something so sophisticated. Even my left-wing acquaintance who screened that film entertained those thoughts. Arguably, underestimating the competence and organizational ability of Arab terrorists is a major part of what caused the problem in the first place.

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