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Yasir Qadhi’s Hypocrisy, Adnan Rashid Loses The Plot Over Orlando


Not long after the massacre at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, reports surfaced to suggest that the shooter, Omar Mateen, may well have been gay himself. It was interesting to watch the ways in which this particular detail was then spun by certain groups.

Before this information came to light, you may have heard people arguing that there is no conflict between Islam and homosexuality – despite the data to the contrary.

Then lo an behold, the killer was ‘outed’ as gay himself. Many jumped with joy at this revelation. The shooter couldn’t have been a Muslim you see, because he was gay. It shouldn’t take much brain power to recognise the inconvenient contradictions and hypocrisy here.

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FBI Redact Orlando Gunman’s References to ISIS


During Omar Mateen’s shooting spree at a gay Orlando nightclub which left 49 people dead, reports began to surface that at some point during the slaughter he had dallied 911 to pledge his allegiance to ISIS.

Today, the FBI have released partial transcripts of Mateen’s conversations with the police, but with certain parts redacted – namely his pledge of allegiance to ISIS and its leader Abu bakr al Baghdadi.

Below is a portion of the released transcripts:

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Australia And The Hateful Muslim Cleric


In the wake of the Orlando shooting where Omar Mateen targeted patrons of gay nightclub Pulse, killing 49 and wounding over 50 more, questions are finally being asked about attitudes towards homosexuality within Muslim communities.

The data alone is incredibly troubling. Staying close to home for just a moment, 100% of British Muslims say that homosexuality is unacceptable. Over half of British Muslims say that it should be criminalised. Attitudes elsewhere in the Muslim world do not make for comforting reading either:

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The Orlando Shooter’s Sexuality And Islamic Purity Hypocrisy


Each time a Muslim fanatic clocks up a body count, which is to say all too often, Muslims and non-Muslims alike flock to expunge the perpetrator of their Islamic credentials.

He liked the booze? Not a Muslim. He didn’t visit the Mosque regularly? Not a Muslim.

As information begins to surface indicating that Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen may have been gay, the champions of Islamic purity come out of the woodwork.

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Hundreds Gather In Manchester To Show Solidarity For Orlando


In a show of solidarity with the people of Orlando and with LGBT people everywhere, hundreds gathered at Canal Street, Manchester today. Similar gatherings also took place in a number of cities across the UK to mourn the dead and to support the living.

Canal Street in my home city of Manchester is a sort of hub for the local LGBT community and more popularly known as ‘the gay village’ – housing a number of gay bars and restaurants.

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Ep#70 – Dave Rubin – The Regressive Left

Another fantastic guest on this week’s #GSPodcast. Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) from The Rubin Report joins me to discuss a whole host of topics including: Stand-up comedy, the state of American news media, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Israeli/Palestine conflict and the regressive left. Dave will also be talking about his relationship with Cenk Uygur and why Cenk has been a “genuinely bad actor” in the discussion on ‘new atheism’. I also ask to what degree being gay informs his politics and worldview.

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