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CJ Werleman’s Racist, Anti-Muslim Bigotry Exposed.

Image Credit: https://atheistsunited.org/

Image Credit: https://atheistsunited.org/

You may wonder what’s left to write about CJ Werleman – already exposed for misrepresentation, serial plagiarism, probable sockpuppetry, outright lies and a suspicious Twitter follower count – not to mention public humiliation at the hands of Sam Harris. Both Salon and Alternet have since dropped Werleman from their pages, the latter completely removing his articles from their archives altogether. The only platform still willing to publish him is the propagandist outfit ‘Middle East Eye’.

It would seem that he holds ‘new atheists’ responsible for this career nosedive, so spends his days demonizing them via his twitter feed – desperately trying to link them to any atrocity or topical ill-deed he can, such as Anders Breivik‘s terrorism, White Supremacy, and The Chapel Hill Shootings.

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