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Recently  (Fri 12th July) I was fortunate enough to be part of The Herd Mentality Podcast hosted by Mr Adam Reakes, with special guests Mr Oz Atheist, and a young up and coming comedian, eager to make a name for himself, Ricky Gervais.

He’s going to be big one day.  Remember you heard him here first.

You’ll click below to listen to it immediately if you know what’s good for you.
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I had lots of fun.  I’m a huge fan of Ricky; I’ve been to his live shows, adore his sitcoms and hold fond memories of laughter-filled evenings gathered with good friends, cold beverages and a download of his latest podcast.

ricky-gervais-show-550x366The irresistible combination of wondering what Karl Pilkington will say next, how exactly Ricky will react to it, whilst Steve Merchant tries to hold it all together has made me laugh to the point of abdominal pain.  Please seek them out if you haven’t already listened to them.

It is for this reason, that hearing the disembodied voice of Ricky booming from my laptop seemed familiar enough for me to forget I was actually part of the conversation at times.  And I often did.  This is fine by me however, as I said, lots of fun!

A huge thanks to Adam and Mr Oz for making this happen. They were responsible for all the technical aspects and organisation respectively.  All I had to do was take the day off work (already worth it), sound disappointingly Mancunian (I’m not Prof Brian Cox) and be entertained by two Aussie gents and my favourite comic.  A great way to spend a morning, I hope you’ll agree.

A massive thanks to the Podfather himself for giving up his morning just to have a chuckle with a few like-minded strangers.  I was really taken aback by Ricky’s generosity and praise. It’ll stick with me.  Kindness is magic.

“How dare you have a go at Rihanna!” is still making me chuckle. Haha!

Thanks to anyone who has already listened and sent kind words our way.  I’ll never cease to be amazed at how rewarding just having fun on Twitter has become.

Please subscribe to the Herd Mentality Podcast and check in on the previous episodes too.  There’s some great stuff in there.  Also, please check out the hilarious Ricky Gervais on his YouTube channel and subscribe.  Go and get the guitar…



  • Despite all you say here, and how funny RG is, I was still massively disappointed to listen to a podcast promoted as having three participants, only to have one of those participants dominate it so thoroughly.

  • I love all of you and enjoyed it immensely. I would really like you to do another, sans Ricky, just so we can appreciate you guys more. We already know (and love) Ricky Gervais. Even so, I’m very glad you did this as I’m sure most listeners are. After the one with just you three, maybe do another with Ricky but this time include Karl! :o)

  • Ricky was, as always, highly entertaining. Yes, he did have the most to say, but that is only to be expected from someone of his fame and calibre who is so used to public speaking. I am sure when it happens again, as I hope it will, you and Oz Atheist will leap into the fray more often. I loved hearing your voice, did not expect that Northern accent at all. I was sort of imagining you as having a posh Oxbridge accent – it pleases me immensely that this is not the case.

    Well done. You have used your wit and intelligence to educate, entertain and enliven many debates on Twitter. You should be quite proud of yourself.

  • Enjoyed the listen. Nowt wrong with Mancunian, mate 🙂 Hope to hear more of you on it in the future!

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