Ep#18 – A Conversation with an #ExMuslim

I’m proud to be joined by an #ExMuslim from New York on The #GSPodcast.  Going under the pseudonym ‘Wall In Space’, we talk pre and post-9/11 New York, the backlash and how leaving the faith has affected his family life. We also find the time to talk about the late, great, Christopher Hitchens.  Yes, I ask him about bacon too.  Happy now?

Guest: ‘Wall In Space’

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Relevant Links:

Buy ‘God Is Not Great’ – Christopher Hitchens
Buy ‘Mortality’ – Christopher Hitchens
Buy ‘Perfect Soldiers’ – Terry McDermott
Read the comments section of ‘The Crazy Nigerian’ Blog post ‘Religion Is For Sinners’.

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One comment

  • How to come out:
    Me “Mom, I have bad news. I have inoperable terminal brain cancer. I will be dead tomorrow.”
    Mom “Oh no!”
    Me “Just kidding, I’m only an atheist.”

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