Ep#25 – Mormonism

It’s all about Mormonism this week on The #GSPodcastWendyCraig join me to talk about Joseph Smith, The Church of The Latter Day Saints and Polygamist cults.
I’ll also do a round-up of this week’s godly news in #ThingsTheGodlyDo.

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Guests: WendyCraig


  • Leaving a shout out for my awesome sister Wendy! At least our time spent in that “church” wasn’t a total loss. I’ve found that mentioning I was once a member of a polygamist cult is a terrific ice breaker!

  • Great segment. Thank you both for sharing. Wendy, you are such a strong woman. Love ya sister.

  • I coudn’t wait to listen to this one. I joined the Mormon Church when I got married, and left it when I got divorced I just couldn’t deal with it all anymore. My ex is gay, and of course excommunicated. My sister’s husband told me recently that the church has “changed its stance” on homosexuality. Oh really? Apparently they now accept that people are born gay, but you are not supposed to “act” on it. So you can’t get married, and you can’t have gay sex. It’s akin to pedophelia, I was toldHow progressive!. I don’t see how that’s different from 35 years ago when I got married. He wanted to get married and have kids, and there was no other way except to marry a woman. What a lot of heartache these practices cause!
    Great podcast! I know listen to them on Sunday mornings to in the great void left where the church used to be.

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