#BBCTBQ Debrief Podcast – Feb 01 – Homeopathy, Religion & Women

This is the first special edition debrief of BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’. I’ll be inviting twitter followers to ‘call in’ and share their opinions on Episode 4 of Season 8. Topics include: ‘Are the rich paying their fair share?’, ‘Should the NHS fund homeopathy?’ and ‘Are women taking over religion?’.

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One comment

  • As an atheist I welcome women taking over religion. Hopefully it will dilute the whole ideology of worship even further and hasten the inevitable demise of an absurdly outdated and childish system of belief in ‘fairy tale’ holy scriptures which has already been largely exposed for what it really is by the world’s educated intelligentsia. I only wish it would happen in every religion rather than just Anglicanism which is already all but dead and buried.

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