New #GFGS Fundraiser For Oldham Cats!

Me and Ginge at Oldham Cats

Me and Ginge at Oldham Cats

Back in 2013 I started a secular fundraising initiative and called it ‘Good For Good’s Sake’. The idea was a simple one; we would use our online presence to raise some funds for a charitable cause. Why? Because it would be a good thing to do, and because we could, How did we do? Well. Really really, really well.

Since its launch, Team #GFGS has raised an astonishing £25,775.83 for charitable causes. No ideological agenda was pushed, nor was anything required in return for our contributions. We were good for its own sake.

This brings me to a new fundraiser I’d like you to get behind for the coming months – this time, with a slightly furrier focus. Typically, in the past we have dedicated our efforts to large, well-supported, human-centric causes – which got me wondering; what sort of impact could Team #GFGS have on smaller charities that don’t receive as much support as WaterAid, MSF or Red Nose Day? I think we should find out. The plan would be to choose a succession of smaller charities throughout the rest of this year, in different countries, but to launch proceedings…

I’m hoping we can start by raising some money for Oldham Cats. Oldham Cats is my local cat sanctuary. I’ve visited a number of times to take food and supplies, and to generally fuss the residents. Below is me with my sponsored cat, ‘Ginge’.MeGingeFloorOldham Cats always try to rehome the cats they take in. And if they can’t, due to medical issues, or because no-one wants them? They become full-time residents, meaning they having free roam of the complex and surrounding fields. You can read their policy in full here. They give a good life, and care to animals that would not be so fortunate without their dedication and love. This, to me, is a good thing worth supporting.

I aim to visit the sanctuary throughout this fundraiser, bringing you updates and providing you with a closer look at how your money will be used. This kind of support for a smaller charity could make such a huge difference.

You can donate to this campaign by visiting the fundraising page here, where credit cards and PayPal are accepted. You can also donate via text by following the below instructions:


Let’s see if we can make a massive difference to a smaller charity. This fundraiser will close at the end of August.


  • Really want to donate……but the link to donate isn’t working for me. Not helped by my cat sitting on the keyboard. But tried a couple of times. Help!

  • done via text. So easy to give £3 for a good cause. Well done GodlessSpellchecker from @deborahm10

  • Hey! I love this idea, especially as there are kitties involved. Is there anywhere to get in contact to sponsor a cat rather than just donate. No Kill shelters are amazing and should be encouraged as the proper, moral and humane way to treat animals. I love the way people balk at the idea of a terminally ill person ending their life with dignity and on their own terms but slaughter hundreds of animals whose only crime is that they haven’t found their forever home. Unfortunately I am forbidden from having any more fur babies (my four are enough for my husband) so I am trying to support as many No Kill, local shelters as possible to give every animal the chance to live their lives.

    • You are more than welcome to sponsor any of our resident cats. If you are on Facebook message me Samantha Fahmy and I will send you details.

  • greay idea.. i like this 🙂

  • Well done … I hope you raise plenty!

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