Taking The Myth – 12 Dec Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and A Scotsman Abroad discuss the big topics with guest callers. We talk about the appalling treatment of Maryam Namazie at Goldsmiths University by the Islamic Society. We talk the equally awful reaction to it. We share our thoughts on Donald Trump and have a disagreement about teaching humanism in schools. Plus The ASLAN Awards return! A Scotsman Abroad also blames something on religion.

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One comment

  • Godless Spellchecker, I wanted to say that I agree with you that the Feminists and the LGBT Groups were acting in good faith when condemning Maryam Namazie. The rationale for them is that she is picking on a protected group and they are protected groups, so an alliance is in order. The members of the Feminist and LGBT Groups do not realize that a condemnation of discriminatory laws and ideas is different from a condemnation of all people who claim membership with those ideas. They honestly believe that Namazie is a bigot because she does not “let Muslims do what they feel is right”. It comes from a position of non-ethnics and moral relativism, which is completely contradictory to the Enlightenment notions of Human Rights.

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