Taking The Myth – 23 May 2016 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and Iram Ramzan discuss the big topics with guest callers. We talk about: The Trafford Centre ‘Terrorism’€™ controversy, the governments’ Prevent Strategy, ‘€˜British values’€™, Witchcraft and Iran’€™s religious police. And the ASLAN Awards!

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  • The Big Questions: Rizwaan Sabir should have been questioned on why he couldn’t say that calling for the death of a member of the armed services was not extremist. Nobody seems to be worried about the fact he didn’t. I’ve played it back and he simply didn’t do it. What on earth does he lecture on?
    What needs to happen with the opponents of Adam Deen/Quilliam is to let them all know that we are now so aware that they are reading from the same script. The same words, challenges and even insults, every single time. It’s as if they don’t realise they are being petulant.
    The sweary Scottish bloke is right about “British values”. Those who keep denouncing and saying (as on TBQ), “we prefer International values”. It’s as if they cannot lend anything to “British”. Nobody ever claimed “British values” were unique to us. They are values that do span other countries, but not all, but so what, we have them.
    The “I don’t actually know what the punishment is in Leviticus (for homosexuality)” was so bloody annoying, but not surprising. Just about all of them know the details of all the horrible stuff, but are too embarrassed to say what they actually are. It’s very common on that program.
    As for Zakia Belkhiri, I might have hoped that all media who gave the first story (which seemed weird to me) so much coverage, would give the subsequent one the same. But it doesn’t appear to be the case.

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  • Re. Jean Lafontaine – she studies ‘witchcraft’ from a sociological viewpoint, not as a practitioner. Scary article by her here: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/belief/2012/mar/01/witchcraft-curse-africa-kristy-bamu

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