Disturbing New Claims About The Bataclan Massacre Emerge


This one is to be filed firmly under ‘unconfirmed’, but I think it’s important to ask questions and consider the evidence. The following details may be upsetting for some, caution advised.

The new claims are these: during the Bataclan massacre in France where 130 concert goers were killed, hostages were also tortured in the most egregious ways imaginable. A report by Louise Mensch in HEATSTREET  which was later picked up by The Daily Express claims people were disembowelled, decapitated, women were stabbed in the genitals, an eye was removed and at least one man has his genitals stuffed in his mouth after castration.

Authorities engaging in cover-ups or being selective with the facts where Islamic terrorism is concerned is not without precedent. During the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, 11 Israelis were taken hostage and killed. It only emerged in the 90s however that some of them had been subjected to torture including castration. The German authorities knew this at the time but decided to suppress the information.

Moving closer to the present day, we also know German officials were involved in a cover up after mass sexual assaults in Cologne were reported on New Year’s Eve. Not to mention the embarrassing attempt by the FBI to whitewash any reference to Islamic State from Orlando Killer Omar Mateen’s police call transcripts.

It’s not clear whether French authorities may wish to conceal details of this kind from the public because they think the resulting outrage may inspire civil unrest or undue distress. At a time when governments are unable to prevent its citizens from being slaughtered in cafes, nightclubs, football stadiums and concert halls – I would argue that being caught lying about the severity of the problem is a recipe for civil unrest in its own right.

It’s also possible that these new Bataclan claims are untrue or just impossible to confirm of course. French officials have stressed that some of the injuries described in these reports are also consistent with gun fire and explosions and that no knives were found at the scene. As reported in The Express:

The committee heard some bodies were so mutilated that the authorities struggled to reconstruct them.

One Investigator Christian Saint said: “I specify, for the sake of clarity: some of the bodies found at the Bataclan were extremely mutilated by the explosions and weapons, to the point that it was sometimes difficult to reconstruct the dismembered bodies.

“In other words, injuries described by this father may also have been caused by automatic weapons, by explosions or projections of nails and bolts that have resulted.”

When asked if the weapons or explosions could account for a victim being found with genitals in his mouth, the prosecutor replied: “I do not have that information.”

These new claims may be a source of distress for the families of the dead and the general public, but the truth of the brutal ideology we are at war with needs to be exposed to the full light of day. If it is in fact true that our enemies are this depraved, it’s vital that we are awake to that fact.

It’s also often the bereaved families that are at the forefront of campaigns for full disclosure as was the case with Munich and now with the Bataclan.

There’s also a deeply pervasive narrative amongst far-left commentators that these attacks are desperate retaliations to the west’s actions in the middle east. As if those carrying them our are essentially seeking justice for their fallen Muslim brothers and sisters. As if they would be regular peace loving citizens of Europe were it not for the warmongering and meddling in ‘their’ lands. This narrative becomes difficult to maintain however when you show these ‘freedom fighters’ for the sadistic, brutal torturers they are.

Personally, I’d require much more robust and corroborating evidence before I could accept these new claims at face value. I’ll await further details and post them here if and when they arrive.

UPDATES 19 July 2016

Someone has pointed me to this article over at Snopes which attempts to debunk some of the claims.

The French speakers amongst you may also find the below tweet useful:



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  • It’s time our governments investigate Islam, not Islamic terror.
    The world (especially Muslims) need to know the story of Muhammad.
    What he did. What was his message.
    We need to investigate how Islam has invaded and dominated other societies, acknowledge it, and ask ourselves if we want to accept the same fate.

    Then we can begin to tackle the problem.

    In my opinion, we should make our societies as unattractive as possible for fundamentalists to live in.
    Get rid of ritual slaughter, religious courts/councils, faith schools, etc.
    Get tough on intolerance.
    Get rid of regressive and political correctness from media, schools and all other establishments.
    Re-position our moral compass, and fight for what’s right and fair.

    Let’s deal with it while we’re still able, on our terms, fearless of the backlash, because the alternative is to do nothing, which will be the death of our way of life.

    We’re being dragged back into the 7th century, and only a few of us are kicking and screaming.

  • “This one is to be filed firmly under ‘unconfirmed ” ?

    Why the need to be so knee-jerkingly skeptical of a report of actions that are boilerplate standard for jihadists the world over, for 1,350+ years?

    Mutilation and torture are recommended quite heartily in the Qur’an, and recommended and practiced with great enthusiasm by the Prophet Muhammad and His Companions, as depicted in the Hadith and the Sira.

    This behavior has been reported and documented repeatedly, both throughout history and in recent times. It is firmly documented in historical record by chroniclers, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. See, for example Paul Fregosi’s book “Jihad”, or perhaps Andrew Bostom’s book “Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims”

    Torture and mutilation were carried out by the jihadists that carried out the Beslan School massacre in Russia. Much the same was seen regularly in Iraq during the recent US intervention.

    The Nairobi mall massacre in 2013 featured similar sadistic behavior. See, for example, this report


    Reports of this kind are not to be filled ” firmly under ‘unconfirmed’ “, but rather greeted with a grim and unflinching recognition of their Islamic ordinariness and commonplace.

    Anything else is just being naive, or failing to face up to read grim reality of Islam.

    • Just because it’s happened before doesn’t mean it’s happened this time. A quick glance of my blog, or listen of my podcast would make abundantly clear to you that I’m far from failing to face up to the grim realty of Islam. Seems an even stranger accusation considering I discuss examples of such a reality (Munich) in the very article you’ve taken issue with.

      You give the impression of someone who didn’t bother to read beyond the first sentence before heading to the comments section.

      It’s not naive to follow the evidence, and right now, the evidence isn’t strong. People died. This is too important of a topic to be so careless the way you appear to be.

      ‘knee-jerk’ scepticism? I’m not sure what to do with that one….

      Furthermore, I’m always mildly amused by faceless, anonymous accounts on the internet that tell others they’re failing to adequately oppose or ‘face’ up to the reality of Islam.

  • I understand that a Parent of one of the male victims was one of the first to raise this torture theory having seen his Son in the morgue. This may well have been ‘debunked’ too but that is what I read a few days ago. Frankly it could be viewed as a moot point. If these barbarians didn’t actually commit torture does that make them slightly more plausible in their actions to some people? I really don’t buy this argument at all. They brutally murdered a large number of innocent men & women (some of which have been confirmed to be in wheelchairs so had no chance of escape). On the scale of sadistic & cruel actions I’d say what we already know puts them at the pinnacle.

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