• I was disappointed to see the ladies/stewards preventing the journalist, even if he has guilty of previous misrepresentation.

    I wish you’d asked attendee’s what they thought of the actual Panorama expose, and shared your own opinions on it.

    I see Tommy has now been banned from Facebook & Instagram.
    According to a BBC article last night, he had advocated the B heading of readers of the Cue ran.

    If that was true, he’d have been banged up (and rightly so), not banned from social media.

    I’m deeply concerned that the establishment/media can systematically lie and fabricate such nonsense.
    How can we trust anything they say.

    I ditched my TV license 3 years ago. It was liberating.

    • Hi Dave. Thanks for the feedback. Just a quick note on your suggestion to ask the attendees what they thought of the ‘documentary’.

      I would have loved to do this, however all interviews were carried out before the screening, which was significantly delayed due to ‘technical issues’. So, no one I spoke to had seen the documentary

  • Thanks for your reply.
    I already thought that would have been the case.

    I’d love to hear your opinion of the documentary.
    Would make an interesting blog post.


  • It is becoming too much. Fourteen years after the London Tube bombings, what has happened?

    Anyone who dips their toe into dissenting against Islamic terrorism faces a risk. Different characters, but so what?

    Douglas Murray
    Maajid Nawaz

    If they are all got rid of, who can hold the mantle?

    It has astonished me.

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