Taking The Myth – 11 June 2016 Edition

This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight and Iram Ramzan discuss the big topic. We talk about: The grandson of Hamas, Christopher Hitchens and ‘death bed conversions, Nicky Campbell, Ramadan, Noel Edmonds’s cancer claims, Prevent, European Commission on” ‘hate speech’, ‘rape jokes’ and the EU Referendum.

Also, Chief Myth-taking Correspondent A Scotsman Abroad contributes to the ASLAN Awards!

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  • On Nicky Campbell. There are so many times I want him to tell someone to button it, rather than what he often does, which is to repeat slowly, something like “let her answer” over and over again. Tougher please. A bit like the audience member on Question Time the other night, who yelled “SHUT UP!” at Eddie Izzard, when Dimbleby wasn’t stopping him being stupidly annoying.

    On Ramadan. I didn’t know Norway had implemented following other hours rather than their own physical hours in order to cut the fasting day down. In that case, why did Usama Hasan get so much grief for suggesting it for the UK last year? Oh I know. He’s with Quilliam. Two callers to a radio show summed up the differences in how it’s put across. One bloke said he’d been fasting for twelve hours, and just done a two-hour stint in the gym, and was ready for another two hours. Another caller said he was really hungry in the afternoon and was getting wobbly. The former is a liar, just on the defence of it all and the latter is honest. More honesty on the subject is needed because it is quite frankly ridiculous to go so long without food or water and then stuff yourself silly, and perhaps lose sleep into the bargain.

    Hitchens certainly did approach the subject of deathbed “conversions” many times, and also in the sense that he (and his like), doesn’t approach dying Catholics and tell them what they’ve followed is a load of bollocks and you might as well junk it now.

    Noel Edmonds is the new David Icke.

  • Iram is a great addition to the podcast.
    Keep up the good work.

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